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Jacket potato with cottage cheese salad and spinach

Healthy and filling lunch for work
Author: Petra Kravos


  • 1 baking potato
  • 200 g of low fat cottage cheese
  • quarter of red onion (chopped)
  • quarter of cucumber (diced)
  • plum tomatoes (diced)
  • a handful of spinach
  • salt
  • olive oil


This is how I make jacket potato

  • Wash the potato very well and pierce it with the fork several times.
  • Boil it on the hob for around 35 minutes.
  • Drain the water and dry the potato.
  • Coat it with olive oil and salt (this will make the skin crispy).
  • Put into the hot oven (around 200 degrees depending on oven type) and bake for 1 hour, turning it halfway through.

Prepare the filling

  • Put cottage cheese in a small bowl, add onions, cucumber and tomatoes. Add some extra virgin olive oil and mix all together.
  • When serving, put the baked potato onto the plate first, cut it across and add the filling to it and spinach on the side.


I never bake only one potato in an oven - I normally bake 2 as it's more energy efficient. You could even bake 4 at once if you like.
Experiment with the type of vegetables you add to cottage cheese. You could try sweetcorn or peppers or anything else you think it would go well with it.