What is the best 2 in 1 exercise bike and cross trainer?

best 2 in 1 exercise bike and cross trainer

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Looking to buy the best 2 in 1 exercise bike and cross trainer? You’ve come to the right place!

Finding the right exercise bike and cross trainer combo for your needs will be much easier once you read this guide and reviews.

Before making that purchase you need to consider several things, for example, which characteristics should you take into account? And what is it exactly that the cross trainer and exercise bike combined can provide you with?

Whether you need to lose weight or work on your cardio and muscle strength, this nifty 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainer will give you two workouts at once! The bike portion of the machine is excellent for low impact exercise with minimal pressure on joints while the cross trainer part helps you work on a variety of muscles while having a perfect cardio experience.


Buying 2 in 1 cross trainer and exercise bike – What to consider

The target buyers for this hybrid cross trainer and exercise bike range from total beginners to advanced workout enthusiasts. This is why it’s important to base your decision-making on these essential criteria:

Who is going to use it?

Will the machine’s size and shape adhere to your built and stamina, or will other family members use it too? Based on the recommended height and weight limitations, and adjustability of the machine, you can narrow down the choices, as well as have a better insight into the required budget.

How much are you willing to invest?

While the idea of a 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainer is money and space-saving from the start, it can be quite an investment.

The price range goes between $200/£160 to more than $1000/£800, depending on the quality, size, features, and brand. Consider any budget restrictions and what exactly you are looking for in an exercise machine. Sometimes paying more for a piece of equipment pays off in the long run.

Is the bicycle what you need the most?

Is your machine of choice the bike but you would like to mix things up with occasional cross-training? That’s perfectly fine, but then your focus should stay on the bike features.

Just be aware that the seat comfortability tends to be an issue with these machines, so make sure to tick this in your criteria list. Also, decide whether you need a recumbent or a stationary bike based on your exercise level, age, and speed.

If you prefer the cross trainer…

Sturdiness and quality should be the top priorities. Make sure the machine won’t scratch your floors when exercising and consider buying a mat for underneath it if this is your concern. The right stride length, size and height of the handles are also important for a comfortable workout and best results.

What kind of features and workout programs do you need?

Whether a complete beginner or a fitness enthusiast, pre-set workout programs are always a plus, sometimes even a must.

You want to look for a perfect balance between levels of resistance and forms of exercise provided. Quietness, functionality tracking (calories burned, speed, time, distance, etc.), and bulkiness also play a significant role in making a final decision.

Extra features like entertainment programs, LCD monitor, tablet holder, pulse sensors, adjustability of height and tension may be the prevailing factors for some users.

Best 2 in 1 exercise bike and cross trainers – Comparison table


ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro

Our Review
135 kg Perfect for various users and workout intensity levels. > Best recumbent bike and elliptical combo
> Adjustable stride length of 43 cm (17") > 20 pre-set workout programs
58 kg

Roger Black 2 in 1 Exercise Bike and Cross Trainer

Our Review
125 kg For those looking for cheaper options and light workouts > Light-weight but sturdy
> Highly affordable
> A whopping 66 cm (26″) stride length option
45 kg

Opti 2 in 1 Air Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

Our Review
100 kg For beginners and those looking for medium-intensity low-impact workouts. > Space and money saving
> Light-weight
> Self levelling pedals
25.5 kg

XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike

Our Review
110 kg Great for both mild and more intense workouts. > LCD monitor with a feedback console
> Pulse Heart Rate Sensors
> Option to pedal backwards to work on different muscles
28 kg

Best 2 in 1 cross trainer and exercise bike – Reviews

Check out our top 2 in 1 cross trainers below and use our customer-based reviews to help you make an optimal choice of the best 2-in-1 exercise bike and cross-trainer.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro

proform 2 in 1 cross trainer


Product dimensions – 119.5 x 46 x 65 cm

Product weight – 58 kg

Max User Weight – 135 kg

If you want to buy the best recumbent bike and elliptical combo, this is the right product for you. This high-end, sturdy but compact exercise machine provides you with a realistic outdoor workout experience.

With an adjustable stride length of 43 cm (17″), as well as detachable lumbar seat support, this family-friendly piece of equipment is perfect for various users and workout intensity levels. It comes with a large LCD monitor ( tracking your speed, time, distance, and calories burned), 20 pre-set workout programs and digital resistance levels of different difficulty and intensity.

You can multitask or personalize your workouts thanks to the integrated tablet holder and the attached bottle holder.

The recumbent bike portion of the machine comes with a cushioned seat padding and even padded pedals for smooth and comfortable cycling.

What’s more, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is iFit® Bluetooth Smart (BLE) enabled (with required subscription). This means you can run or cycle in any city or setting (using Google Maps), with more than 1000 downloadable workouts.


  • Adjustable stride length
  • Pre-set programs and resistance settings (SMR, Silent Magnetic Resistance)
  • Excellent features (Integrated tablet holder, bottle holder, EKG grips, i-pad compatible, Bluetooth)
  • Cushioned seat and pedals
  • Sturdy and storable (transport wheels included)


  • No adapter support (needs batteries for usage)
  • Only a recumbent bike option
  • Reviewed as a bit pricey

Available from: John Lewis

Roger Black 2 in 1 Exercise Bike and Cross Trainer

roger black 2 in 1 exercise bike cross trainer


Product dimensions – 110 x 72 x 165 cm

Product weight – 45 kg

Max User Weight – 125 kg

This highly affordable 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer is an optimal choice for calorie burning. For around $200/£160, this elliptical stationary bike combo provides you with a low-impact, weight-managing workout wonder. It features 8 tension levels, a manual resistance control system, and a whopping 66 cm (26″) stride length option.

Although it requires a little assembly effort, it’s very compatible and light-weight, given its purpose and versatility. Thanks to the transportation wheels, it is easily stored and basically fits anywhere.

Roger Black 2 in 1 Exercise Bike and Cross Trainer also comes with the essential workout feedback, such as heart rate (wireless pulse sensor), speed, time, distance, scan, etc. Customers reviewed this product as very sturdy, very quiet, great for the price value, and intuitive to set up. What’s more, this bike-cross trainer comes with the manufacturer’s 1-year guarantee, a perfect addition to an ideal bargain!


  • Very affordable
  • Versatile
  • Good-quality packaging
  • Quick delivery


  • Not many additional features
  • Time-consuming to put together (2 people required)

Available from: eBay

Opti 2 in 1 Air Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

Opti 2 in 1 cross trainer


Product dimensions – 151 x 63 x 92 cm

Product weight – 25.5 kg

Max User Weight – 100 kg

Aimed at those who are REALLY on a tight budget, this space and money-saving 2-in-1 elliptical trainer is a winner!

With only 25.5 kg and added transportation wheels, you won’t even notice this sleek-looking machine exists in your home gym. Featuring a feedback console, 28 cm (11″) stride length, and self-levelling pedals, Opti 2 in 1 cross trainer is excellent for those who look for medium-intensity low-impact workouts.

While being too forward for some users, the compact standing position is perfect for mild physical activity and frequent switching from striding to cycling. The lack of handlebars makes you push harder and stretch your limits for more demanding movement.

All in all, an optimal choice for casual to mid-intensity training, space-saving, and practically cheap, compared to similar cross-trainers. Great for teenagers and kids who would like to take up exercising. If you want to build up your stamina and make a solid start, this elliptical trainer can help you cover the basics and work your way through to more advanced machines.


  • Light-weight
  • Easily storable
  • Great for beginners and children
  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not very sturdy construction
  • Lacking features and pre-set workouts
  • Not applicable for more advanced workouts

Available from: eBay

XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike


Product dimensions – 122 x 60 x 154 cm

Product weight – 28 kg

Max User Weight – 110 kg

Another cheap but sturdy machine is this light-weight hybrid bike and cross-trainer. With only 28 kg of weight, it’s easily stored and fits any corner.

It features an LCD monitor with a feedback console, two sets of handles (one for upper-body workouts, the other with pulse sensors), and a large, cushioned seat for comfortable cycling.

XS Sports Luna elliptical cross trainer rises to any workout challenge, great for both mild and more intense workouts.

For those who need extra safety and comfort, this machine will adhere to your needs, featuring wide slip-proof footplates, adjustable seat and handle position, fully adjustable resistance, and a solid steel frame to provide stability and maximum results.

What sets it apart from other similar 2 in 1 cross trainers is an option to pedal backwards which helps you train your quads and hamstrings.

Customers find this product a fantastic combination of quality, value for money and versatility.


  • Great value for money
  • Sturdy and safe construction
  • Pre-set workouts
  • Comfortable seat
  • Adjustable handles


  • A bit noisy (compared to similar 2 in 1 cross trainers)

Available from: Amazon

Final thoughts – What’s the best 2-in-1 exercise bike and cross trainer?

Which of the recommended 2 in 1 cross trainers will make the best choice for you will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

For those looking for cheaper options, the machine to start with is the Roger Black product. More advanced fitness enthusiasts will find more to their liking the ProForm Hybrid Trainer, considering that it’s a more demanding investment that definitely pays off in the long run.

Medium-intensity workouts are best achieved on machines like XS Sports Luna while staying on the budget.

All in all, the right way to look at this is to focus on your criteria and needs. Take into account everything discussed above, and you’ll have no problem finding your next exercise miracle worker.

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