Exercise bikes vs Ellipticals

exercise bikes vs ellipticals

by Sofia Alves There are so many options to choose from when it comes to cardio. Running, cycling, swimming, sprinting… However, today we will be comparing and contrasting exercise bikes and elliptical machines. What works best for you might not be the best choice for somebody else so choosing the winner in the exercise bikes vs ellipticals contest […]

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The Benefits of Strength Training for Women

a woman strength training

written by Corey L. Lewis In the past, strength training was a male-dominated field. The possibility of looking “too masculine” has driven some women away from the benefits of strength training.  Society is changing, and many women are taking advantage of the health benefits that come from building muscle. In tandem with its physical benefits, particularly […]

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E-bikes: The answer to safe, healthy and fun sports


by Jessee Christinen The electric bike, popularly known as an e-bike is just a normal bike with some electrical components added onto the bike. These components include items such as a motor, an electrical pedal, battery, gears and controllers, all integrated as a single design. The essence of an electric bike is to ease the amount […]

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Pros and Cons of a Home Gym

home gym

by Marcus Jessen Are you one of the many people contemplating whether to enrol in a local gym or create one in your own home? Your ultimate goal might be to become or stay physically fit, but deciding between a gym membership and a home gym can be a tough choice. Both can help you […]

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Best Folding Exercise Bikes

folding exercise bike

Are you interested in buying a folding exercise bike but at the same time you are unsure of all the things you should take into consideration? Then this article is the right one for you. We have compiled a list of the most important things to consider when buying a folding exercise bike along with […]

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Are folding exercise bikes any good?

folding exercise bike

by Sofia Alves Are you looking for a new way to exercise at home? You must have heard about stationary exercise bikes to work out in the privacy of your home. However, these bikes can be quite large and heavy. Because of their size, they take too much space and they ruin the aesthetic of […]

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The Best Compact Home Gym – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Ironmaster compact home gym

by Sofia Alves Whether you’re a full-time couch potato trying to turn things around, or you’re thinking about having your own space for exercising, a compact home gym may be just the thing you’ve been looking for. No matter your fitness goal, working out at home has a lot of advantages. Think of the membership […]

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How regular exercise can help with your migraines


If you’ve experienced migraine, the pain of it will be all too familiar. Migraines are a more severe form of a headache, classified by throbbing pain on one side of the head. They can occur with an aura (temporary sensory and vision disturbances) or without an aura. Around 70% of people who experience migraines will experience […]

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5 Fun Outdoor Activities to Try This Summer


If you are getting bored with your exercise routine, why not try something new to get all excited about exercise again? I know I get bored doing the same things again and again so I always look for different ways of being active while having some fun at the same time. If you want to […]

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