Exercise after profhilo: Everything you need to know

Boosted hydration and anti-ageing effects are just some of the fantastic results profhilo treatments are bringing to satisfied patients.

That said, profhilo still is an injectable treatment, so there are post-procedure measures to follow in order to go through a safe and infection-free skin remodelling treatment.  One of the common questions customers ask is whether it is safe to exercise and how long it takes to get back to your workout routine.

profhilo treatment

What is profhilo?

Profhilo is a skin remodelling injectable treatment that patients use for fighting wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin ageing concerns.

Instead of the traditional filler effect that can create a puffy, bloated look, profhilo pumps skin with high levels of hyaluronic acid (HA) that creates an immediate effect of glow. HA’s hydrophilic properties are responsible for skin hydration and aiding collagen and elastin production, ultimately reversing the ageing process, improving skin tone, radiance, texture and triggering rejuvenating mechanisms.

Why is exercising after prophilo questionable?

Prophilo is applied by using very fine needles for injecting it just under the skin.

Although the procedure is relatively painless, due to the punctured points and the nature of injectables, most treatment salons advise avoiding exercise or any kind of strenuous activity for 24 hours post-treatment.

Due to different skin types, any kind of injectable procedure may cause skin sensitivity for the first hours after the treatment. Exercise increases blood circulation, thus significantly increasing the chances of getting facial redness, irritation, swelling and even bruising. Activities like yoga that include a lot of challenging positions of the head can rapidly increase blood flow to the face which makes you even more susceptible to bruising and swelling.

Can you swim after profhilo?

Although there is no concrete explanation as to why swimming would be harmful after a prophlio procedure, most profhilo aestheticians recommend avoiding swimming for at least 48 hours after leaving the salon.  

Possible explanation may hide in the puncture points and their sensitivity. Although the injection needles are really small, they still do make at least 5 enlarged holes that are susceptible to contamination and bacteria infections. And what a better environment to nurture bacteria than water!

What’s more, water in swimming pools, saunas, or baths is usually very hot, great for opening up the pores, making the puncture holes even more vulnerable.

Can you run after profhilo?

High-intensity exercise like jogging or running puts strain on the body, increases blood pressure and circulation, boosts adrenaline, and increases body temperature.

When the body is heating up, the skin pores expand, you start sweating, and there are greater chances of the bacteria infecting the punctured areas on the face. For this reason, it’s best to avoid running straight away after the profhilo treatment.

That said, a comforting plus for profhilo is the fact that the exercise itself will not tamper with the results or cause any side effects concerning the treatment itself.

Unlike other fillers, profhilo flows through the system, making changes in the skin structure and quality rather than ‘filling up’ the wrinkles. That means there is nothing to modify or move, like it is sometimes the case with exercising after Botox, for instance.

Final verdict – How long after a profhilo can you exercise?

Even if you decide you just can’t go without your workout for the day, the effects of your profhilo treatment won’t be reduced, which sometimes happens with fillers.

Worst case scenario, you may get some uncomfortable bruising, swelling and redness if you exercise in the first few hours after your profhilo injections.

To be on the safe side, professionals recommend waiting till the next day (24 hours to be precise) or at least until the initial swelling has started to diminish before you take on any exercise, swimming, or running to avoid any side effects.