Lowest Calorie Pizza: Discovering the UK’s Best Low-Calorie Options

Recently updated on November 19th, 2023 at 02:51 pm

Who doesn’t love pizza? However, we all know it’s not exactly the healthiest option. Loaded with calories, frequent indulgence can lead to unwanted weight gain. But, I admit, I’m a pizza lover, and I couldn’t quite banish it from my dinner table. So, I set out on a mission: To uncover the lowest calorie pizza options in the UK.

I looked through the offerings of our major supermarkets, checked the nutritional information of pizzas at popular restaurants, all to make sure we can enjoy pizza nights without the guilt.

Now, I can’t wait to share my discoveries. With these options, you too can relish a satisfying pizza dinner, without a side of guilt!

What Makes a Low-Calorie Pizza?

So, what makes a pizza low-calorie? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? As I began my quest, I quickly realised there are a few key factors that can drastically influence the calorie count. We’re talking about the crust, sauce, toppings, size, and let’s not forget – the cheese!

Crust: The base of your pizza can play a huge part in the overall calorie count. Choosing thin or vegetable-based crusts such as cauliflower or courgette not only provides extra nutrients, but they keep those extra calories at bay. Stuffed crusts? A big no-no on this journey.

Sauce: It’s easy for a sauce high in sugar to sneakily hike up the calorie count. Aim for pizzas that have no added sugars in their sauce, or those using tomato-based sauces that only contain natural sugars.

Toppings: Here’s where you can be a calorie detective. Meats, especially salami and pepperoni, add extra calories. Choosing vegetarian pizzas with low-fat cheese – think mozzarella – can make a significant difference to the calorie count.

Size: Let’s not forget, portion control is your friend here. Smaller pizzas naturally have fewer calories. If you can resist the urge for another slice, that is!

Calories per 100g: I discovered a handy rule of thumb during my pizza hunt: aim for pizzas with less than 200 calories per 100g. If it’s a tad over, that’s not a deal breaker, but it did remind me to keep an eye on my portion sizes.

Cheese: Those mouthwatering, cheese-loaded pizzas sure do tempt, but they’re a calorie trap. I found that opting for pizzas with less cheese really helped keep my calorie intake in check. And guess what? A pizza can still be utterly delicious without being buried under a mountain of cheese.

As we move forward, I’ll take you through my journey in the UK’s major supermarkets, where I put these principles to the test. Together, we’ll unearth the best low-calorie pizzas available right now. So buckle up, and let’s embark on this delicious, guilt-free pizza journey…

Lowest Calorie Supermarket Pizzas

Each major supermarket in the UK offers a range of pizzas, and I’ve sifted through them all to find the best low-calorie options for you. Here’s what I found:

Best Low-Calorie Pizzas in Tesco

Tesco and low-calorie pizzas? You bet! Surprisingly, this popular UK supermarket didn’t disappoint. Their vast pizza range caters to all sorts of flavour profiles, all while managing to keep those calorie numbers on the lower end. Let me share some of the Tesco pizzas that stood out in my search, and won’t force you to compromise on your healthy lifestyle:

1. The Gym Kitchen Tandoori Chicken Pizza 230G – 177kcal per 100g

First up on my list is a protein-packed, stone-baked delight: The Gym Kitchen Tandoori Chicken Pizza. With tandoori chicken, peppers, mozzarella, and red onion, this pizza pleasantly surprised me. It’s not just about low calories, but it also delivers a whopping 22g of protein per pizza. A real game-changer for those of us looking to up our protein intake without piling on the calories.

the gym kitchen high protein tandoori chicken pizza

2. Tesco Stonebaked Chargrilled Vegetable Pizza 307G – 199kcal per 100g

Next, for my vegetarian friends, I found an enticing option: Tesco’s Stonebaked Chargrilled Vegetable Pizza. This pizza beautifully balances various chargrilled vegetables on a stone-baked base. Its spice blend truly complements the array of veggies, making it a top choice for vegetarians who want to keep an eye on their calorie count.

Tesco Chargrilled Vegetable Stone Baked  Pizza

3. Tesco Finest Spicy Garlic King Prawn Pizza 450G – 212 kcal per 100g

Seafood lovers, rejoice! The Tesco Finest Spicy Garlic King Prawn Pizza is a dream come true for those who crave the taste of the sea without sacrificing their calorie count. Topped with a medley of ingredients, including full-fat mozzarella and chilli, this pizza really brings the heat and stays low on calories, making it a great choice for seafood fans.

Best Low-Calorie Pizzas in Sainsbury’s

Just like Tesco, Sainsbury’s offers a good selection of lower calories pizza, fresh and frozen. Here are my top picks:

1. Sainsbury’s Stonebaked Thin Vegetable Antipasti Pizza 202g – 208kcal per 100g

Sainsbury’s Stonebaked Thin Vegetable Antipasti Pizza is a veggie-packed treat, loaded with chargrilled courgettes and colourful peppers. Its smaller size makes it a perfect, portion-controlled, low-calorie vegetarian meal.

2. Sainsbury’s Thin & Crispy Ham & Pineapple Pizza 385g (frozen) – 200kcal per 100g

The Thin & Crispy Hawaiian Pizza from Sainsbury’s brings a classic combination to the table – mozzarella, pineapple, and smoke-flavoured ham, all on a thin, crispy base. This pizza proves you can have a delicious, low-calorie frozen pizza.

Sainsbury's Ham & Pineapple Pizza

3. Takul Halal Kitchen Pepperoni Stonebaked Pizza 335g – 216kcal per 100g

The Halal Pepperoni Stonebaked Pizza from Takul is a blend of rich tomato sauce, mozzarella, and sliced pepperoni. I suggest you share this pizza and add a side salad for a satisfying low-calorie meal.

Best Low-Calorie Pizzas in Aldi

While Aldi is a popular choice for budget-conscious shoppers, it may not be the best destination for those seeking low-calorie pizza options. Aldi’s range primarily features cheese-rich, higher-calorie pizzas. However, I did discover a couple of choices that are relatively lower in calories:

1. Specially Selected Peri Peri Chicken Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza 503g – 226kcal per 100g

The Specially Selected Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza adds a tangy twist with its peri-peri chicken topping. It might not be the lowest-calorie option, but it’s one of the lighter options in Aldi’s range.

2. Carlos BBQ Chicken Stonebaked Pizza 350g – 228kcal per 100g

This BBQ chicken pizza with mozzarella, red pepper, sweetcorn, and mild cheddar cheese offers a delightful blend of flavours. It’s relatively higher in calories, but sharing it can keep your portion’s calorie count down.

In my observation, Aldi may not be the first stop for low-calorie pizzas due to their limited range. However, with some careful portioning, their pizzas can definitely fit into a calorie-conscious diet.

Best Low-Calorie Pizzas in Iceland

Iceland might not be the first place you think of for low-calorie pizzas, but they do have a select few options worth trying, particularly from their MyProtein range. Here are our top picks:

1. MyProtein Meat Feast Pizza 390g – 206kcal per 100g

This meat feast delight packs a punch not only in flavour but also in protein content, making it an excellent post-workout meal. The best part? It’s low-calorie and high in taste, proving that nutritious pizza can indeed be scrumptious.

2. MyProtein Chicken Curry Pizza 390g – 210kcal per 100g

For spice lovers, this Chicken Curry pizza brings a unique, tangy twist to traditional pizza, boasting an impressive 32g of protein per serving. It’s not only tantalisingly tasty but also health-conscious and ready in a jiffy.

3. Iceland Stone Baked Vegetable Pizza 420g – 210kcal per 100g

This veggie-rich pizza is not only suitable for vegetarians but also quite low in calories compared to many other options. The blend of colourful vegetables and two types of cheese provides a satisfying meal without too many calories.

Best Low-Calorie Pizzas in Morrisons

While Morrisons may not offer the widest selection of low-calorie pizzas, I’ve uncovered a few gems that strike the perfect balance between satisfying flavours and calorie-consciousness. Let’s take a look:

1. Morrisons Stonebaked Spinach & Ricotta Pizza 330g – 205kcal per 100g

My first pick combines a medley of spinach, baby plum tomatoes, ricotta, and mascarpone atop a thin, crispy base. This mouth-watering vegetarian option doesn’t compromise on flavour or calories – a real winner in my book.

2. Morrisons Free From Spicy Chicken Pizza 250g – 224kcal per 100g (gluten-free)

For those with dietary restrictions, this gluten-free spicy chicken pizza is a treat. Topped with mozzarella, spicy roasted chicken, red onion, and Roquito® peppers, it packs a flavour punch while maintaining a reasonable calorie count.

3. Dr. Oetker The Good Baker Stonebaked Sourdough Vegetable Pizza 390g – 188kcal per 100g

This veggie-rich pizza, brimming with grilled peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, red onions, black olives, and cheese on a sourdough base, is a standout. Not only does it offer fewer calories, but it’s also a source of protein, free from artificial flavours or colours, and devoid of added sugars – a dream come true for health-conscious vegetarians.

Best Low-Calorie Pizzas in Asda

In Asda, I discovered several low-calorie pizza options that wonderfully balance flavour with health consciousness. Let’s dive into my top picks:

1. OMV! Deliciously Vegan Roasted Veg & Houmous Pizza (frozen), 375g – 161kcal per 100g

This standout vegan pizza flaunts a unique houmous sauce and a colourful assortment of toppings such as marinated grilled red and yellow peppers, spinach, semi-dried tomatoes, and red onions. Garnering rave reviews and offering the lowest calorie count per 100g on my list, it’s a superb pick for those embracing a vegan lifestyle.

2. ASDA Thin Stonebaked Vegetable Feast Pizza 310g – 204kcal per 100g

This pizza, topped with a vibrant medley of vegetables like red onions, green, red and yellow peppers, and sweetcorn, offers a feast for the palate. It’s a vegetarian-friendly option that’s received positive feedback, despite some commenting on a lack of flavour.

3. The Gym Kitchen Mighty Meat Pizza 230g – 185calories per 100g

Meat lovers, rejoice! This protein-packed pizza, loaded with spicy chicken, beef, mini pepperoni salami, and champignon mushrooms, not only offers a rich protein profile but maintains a reasonable calorie balance. It’s a bit on the smaller side, so pairing it with a salad is an excellent idea.

4. ASDA Thin Stonebaked Ham & Pineapple Pizza 321g – 212kcal per 100g

With a stonebaked base, tomato sauce, pineapple chunks, mozzarella, formed ham, and mild Cheddar cheese, this pizza is a classic choice. Its traditional ham and pineapple toppings make it a favourite among many pizza enthusiasts.

Best Low-Calorie Pizzas in M&S

Marks & Spencer offers a good selection of lower-calorie pizza options that cater to different tastes. Here are the top picks:

1. M&S Count On Us Ham & Mushroom Pizza 194g – 182kcal per 100g

A gem from the M&S Count On Us range, this pizza is a godsend for the calorie-conscious. It boasts a wood-fired, hand-stretched sourdough base adorned with tomato-herb sauce, garlic mushrooms, smoked ham, and reduced-fat cheese. With a mere 353 calories per pizza, it offers a guilt-free indulgence without skimping on protein.

2. M&S Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Pizza 295g – 206kcal per 100g

This pizza offers a delightful combination of ham, cheese, and mushrooms. It’s hand-stretched and stonebaked and topped with a tomato sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella cheese, fried garlic mushrooms, and smoked ham. While it has great reviews, be mindful of portion sizes if consuming the entire pizza.

3. M&S Stone Baked Fully Loaded Veggie Pizza 530g – 195kcal per 100g

Vegetable lovers will relish this fully loaded pizza from M&S. Loaded with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sautéed chestnut mushrooms, grilled peppers, and sweetcorn, half a pizza can provide a satisfying meal while keeping calories in check.

4. M&S Spicy Beef Pizza 304g – 213kcal per 100g

For those who prefer a bit of spice, this pizza is a good choice. It’s a hand-stretched, stonebaked pizza topped with a spicy tomato sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella cheese, spicy marinated ground beef, caramelized balsamic red onions, and grilled green peppers. Due to its higher calorie count, it’s a good idea to share this one and pair it with a healthy side salad.

Best Low-Calorie Pizzas in Waitrose

Waitrose also provides a tempting variety of lower-calorie pizzas to please diverse tastes. Here are my favourite selections:

1. Crosta & Mollica 2 Frozen Ortolana Sourdough Pizzas 552g (frozen) – 194kcal per 100g

These Italian-inspired frozen pizzas come generously topped with an assortment of Tropea red onions, grilled peppers, courgettes, aubergines, Taggiasca olives, all rounded off with a luscious mascarpone sauce. They are a go-to for a quick, convenient meal, with two pizzas included in each pack.

2. Pizza Express Classic La Reine 290g – 215 kcal per 100g

This pizza is a home edition of the much-loved Pizza Express restaurant variety. While it carries the same tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, and olives topping, some have voiced that it falls slightly short of the original’s taste.

3. No.1 King Prawn, Garlic & Chilli Sourdough Pizza – 222kcal  per 100g

If you’re a seafood lover, this pizza is a great option. It’s a hand-stretched, wood-fired pizza with a fermented sourdough base, topped with tomato and basil sauce, garlic-marinated king prawns, mozzarella cheese, sliced red chili, and coriander. Keep in mind that this pizza is quite large and high in calories, so it’s best to share it with someone else.

Vegan Low-Calorie Pizzas Available in the UK

The vegan movement is thriving, and so is the demand for plant-based meals, pizza included. Here are some of the best low-calorie vegan pizzas you can find in the UK:

OMV! Deliciously Vegan Roasted Veg & Houmous Pizza – A 161kcal per 100g stonebaked pizza topped with marinated grilled red and yellow peppers, spinach, houmous sauce, semi-dried tomatoes, and red onions. Available from Asda.

White Rabbit The Smokin’ Vegan Pizza – At 187kcal per 100g, this gluten-free pizza features tomato sauce, peppers, mushrooms, vegan MozzaRisella® cheese, and spinach. Available from Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

Goodfella’s Vegan Stonebaked Falafel Pizza – This 194kcal per 100g pizza comes topped with a spicy tomato sauce, falafel, red peppers, pan-fried white onions, spinach, and a houmous drizzle. Available from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Iceland and Asda.

Goodfella’s Vegan Stonebaked Falafel Pizza

Crosta & Mollica Vegana Sourdough Pizza – This Italian-inspired, 195kcal per 100g pizza is topped with a creamy sauce made from crushed chickpeas, olive oil, sea salt, and rosemary. Available from Waitrose or online on Ocado and Abel & Cole Website.

Dr Oetker The Good Baker Vegan Stonebaked Spinach Pizza – This 205kcal per 100g multigrain pizza is topped with seasoned tomato sauce, spinach, grated pizza topping, marinated tomatoes, red onions, and pumpkin seeds. Available from Asda.

Zizzi Vegan Jackfruit Pepperoni Pizza – A flavorful, 214kcal per 100g vegan pizza topped with a vegan alternative to mozzarella, slices of jackfruit pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, and hot peppers. Available from Tesco.

Crosta & Mollica Verdure Sourdough Pizza – This 214kcal per 100g pizza starts with tomato and caramelised onion sauce base, then topped with artichokes, grilled peppers and courgettes, red onion, Taggiasca olives, and finished with a fresh basil sauce. Available from Sainsbury’s.

OMV! Deliciously Vegan Thin Stonebaked Vegetable Feast Vegan Pizza – A 220kcal per 100g pizza topped with a seasoned tomato sauce, grilled green, red and yellow peppers, a coconut oil-based alternative to mozzarella cheese, and garlic mushrooms. Available from Asda.

Dr Oetker Vegan Margherita Pomodori Pizza – A simple and classic 220kcal per 100g pizza topped with cherry tomatoes, marinated tomatoes and a dairy-free mozzarella alternative. Available from Tesco.

Dr. Oetker Vegan Pizza - Margherita Pomodori

Chicago Town Vegan Crust Pizza Bbq Jackfruit – A 224kcal per 100g pizza topped with barbeque jackfruit for a flavorful twist. Available from various supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda.

Pizza Express Leggera Vegan Giardiniera – A 585kcal pizza (not per 100g), featuring artichoke, mushroom, red onion, and black olives, with a vegan mozzarella alternative and parsley, presented in a unique style with a hole in the middle filled with a salad. Available from Pizza Express restaurants.

Gluten-Free Low-Calorie Pizza Options in the UK

Following a gluten-free diet in the UK and have a pizza craving? You’re in luck. I’ve sourced some deliciously satisfying low-calorie, gluten-free pizza options that cater to your dietary needs without sacrificing taste. Here are the top picks:

1. White Rabbit The Smokin’ Vegan Pizza – 187 kcal per 100g

A flavorful gluten-free base with tomato sauce, peppers, mushrooms, MozzaRisella® and spinach. (Available from Waitrose and Sainsbury’s)

2. No Dough Pizza Co Margherita – 195kcal per 100g

A cauliflower-based pizza topped with low-fat mozzarella, regato cheese, pizza sauce, and sun-dried tomatoes. (Available from Asda)

3. Dairy and Gluten Free Veggie Delux Sheesy Pizza – 209kcal per 100g 

This pizza combines a thin, crispy stonebaked base with dairy-free sheese, chargrilled peppers, courgettes, marinated semi-dried cherry tomatoes and a basil dressing. (Available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, or Ocado online)

4. Morrisons Free From Spicy Chicken Pizza 250g – 224kcal per 100g (gluten-free)

A fiery gluten-free option with spicy chicken topping.

5. Pizza Express Restaurant: Gluten-free American Jack – 654kcal

Pizza Express’s signature vegan mozzarella alternative with smoky vegan jackfruit ‘pepperoni’ on a gluten-free base. (Available from Pizza Express restaurants)


To wrap it all up, embarking on a healthier lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the pleasures of pizza. The UK is teeming with a wide variety of delectable low-calorie pizzas that cater to vegan and gluten-free diets. Remember, it’s all about maintaining a balance—these pizza options complement a well-rounded diet and consistent physical activity. With ongoing food innovations, we’re seeing our beloved favorites becoming healthier and more accessible than ever.

Whether you’re on a diet, making strides to consume less meat, or just on the lookout for healthier alternatives, these pizzas offer a no-regret path to satisfying your pizza cravings. Enjoy this journey of discovering healthier, yet still scrumptious, pizza options!