5 of the Best Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux


Acid reflux is one of those age-old problems that just doesn’t seem to go away. Most people would agree, with no permanent cure, acidity can only be managed by taking certain steps and doing everything you can to prevent it.

Suffering from horrific symptoms like unbearable stomach aches, vomiting, nausea, continuous hiccups, and a deep burning sensation, acid reflux forces you to look for an instant relief option.

Indian ‘nuskas’ or natural remedies, which are famous across the globe, have a separate list of options to help you fight acid reflux.

In fact, they tend to be healthier and better options than popping a tablet. Wondering how to ensure indigestion doesn’t ruin your date? Your first presentation? Your dream vacation?

Well, just peep into your kitchen!

1. Eat Plenty of Bananas

With a high fibre content, a banana a day can ensure your digestion tract stays clean and healthy. Bananas are also potassium-rich which helps in avoiding excess acid production, making you feel as good as new.

Sometimes, even if you don’t have time to grab a meal, ensure to grab a banana on the way – it can be one of the best decisions of the day for you!

If you have the time and feel like you need something to help you through the day, a simple banana shake with some ginger and aloe vera can also serve the purpose. However, make sure you don’t mix too many ingredients and avoid any potentially heavy/heating additions like red chilli, mangoes, or peanuts.

2. Drink Milk

Milk is a daily essential product in most households and also serves as one of the most effective remedies for acid reflux. Just make sure you drink organic milk to avoid any hormones and antibiotics. You also need to keep in mind that drinking low-fat milk is better for you as full-fat foods could make your heartburn worse.

3. Consume seeds

One of the best ways to solve a problem is to tackle its root cause. So why not use what gives birth to roots in nature?

Seeds like fennel and Sabja seeds have high vitamin, mineral, and fibre content, being an all in one pack to fight acidity.

They not only boost your immunity but also fight spasms. A common problem when having acid reflux is the heating up of the stomach lining. These seeds have cooling properties, which give you a breather from the torture.

You can always chew them on the go or even soak them in water to consume them the next morning.

4. Drink Juices

Most fruit juices in general are a rich source of wholesome nutrition and they also reduce your body temperature.

Pineapple juice in particular is one of the tastiest ways to fight heartburn. It contains bromelain, which helps to moderate levels of hydrochloric acid in the digestive system, ensuring even a spicy meal doesn’t ruin your stomach.

Add a teaspoon of aloe vera juice and some mint leaves to the drink to further enhance its anti-acidity qualities. It is one of those home-made anecdotes which can also be stored for a few days, especially if you have a history of frequent stomach problems.

Just remember not to drink too much of fruit juices as they could result in weight gain. Also, avoid the ones with added sugar.

5. Limit alcohol consumption

If you are a regular alcohol drinker, chances are you are suffering from heartburn very often. This is because excessive alcohol increases stomach acid and impairs the ability of the oesophagus to clear itself.

To prevent this, you need to limit your alcohol consumption. Plus, apart from acid reflux, there’s a whole list of health problems triggered by alcohol. So, keep your alcoholic drinks only to parties and free yourself from the addiction of consuming it daily.

While there are many other home remedies to cure acid reflux, these were some of the top picks which are the most effective. Follow some of these regularly and I am sure you will come back with some major relief from the torturous burning!

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