Best Exercise Bike for Tall Person: User’s Guide & Reviews

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best exercise bike for tall person

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When picking out the right stationary bike it can take some time to find the right features, especially if you are a tall person.

Whether looking for an upright or a recumbent exercise bike, people around or above 6 feet tall should look for products that offer full adjustability and an appropriate distance between the seat, pedals, and handlebars.

Trying to find the right specifications to fit your height can sometimes be overwhelming, so we’ve prepared this useful buyer’s guide and a review of the best indoor bikes for tall people available on the market right now. Check out our top recommended products below.


Buying the best exercise bike for a tall person – What are your needs and preferences?

While choosing exercise bike equipment it is important to be very clear about your requirements. Being a tall person is different so you need a bike that caters to your needs.

Additionally, comfort is key during your workout, and choosing the right cycling pants and padded underwear can make all the difference. Make sure to select these items carefully to ensure the best possible experience on your bike.

First of all, to find an indoor bike that perfectly fits your criteria, try answering these questions that cover all the essential features a tall person needs to consider.

Can the bike handle my size?

Focusing only on the adjustability of the bike’s parts is sometimes not enough. The seat and the handlebars may be adjustable by levels, but is the maximum distance enough for your height?

Always check for the distance range of the movable parts and carefully measure your legs and torso. Each product also specifies the maximum weight capacity, another crucial aspect for safe indoor cycling. You don’t want your exercise machine to be flimsy and unreliable, right?

Do I need my bike to be foldable?

Depending on the storage space you have, you need to think of the assembly and whether the bike is fully foldable.

Being able to collapse into a storable unit, a folding bike usually compromises sturdiness and durability. The bulkier the bike, the harder it is to hide it unnoticeably, so as a tall person, you might need to consider freeing up space to keep a bike fully set up and always ready to use.

Take a look at our most wanted picks for the best folding exercise bike for tall people that offer the optimal balance between quality and practicality.

What type of indoor bike do I want?

If you’re not sure which type of a stationary bike is for you, consider your current physical ability and what your exercise goals are. Be honest with yourself and realistic about what the bike’s purpose will be. Also, consider any injuries, back pain, joint problems, or other health issues you may suffer from, as those are crucial in deciding on the bike type.

Just by comparing their design, it’s clear that a recumbent and an upright exercise bike differ significantly.

Recumbent bikes have a much lower seating position, with the pedals being almost at the same level as your torso. The seat is much larger and usually with a cushioned back support for better stability. These bikes are fantastic for people who suffer from back pain and shouldn’t risk putting pressure on joints and knees while cycling. That said, tall people may feel cramped due to the lack of leg extension if the bike is not adjustable.

Upright bikes, on the other hand, resemble more of a standard outdoor bike. While they provide a more wholesome workout, look for those with an adjustable seat by height to avoid kicking yourself in the chest with your knees.

Spinning fanatics and advanced trainers may find a spin bike most suitable for their needs. The seating position on this bike is impressively high and forward, giving the feel of real outdoor, fast cycling. For tall people, this bike may provide just the right leg extension; however, it’s also essential to look for weight capacity and your needs. Otherwise, it’s just not worth the investment.

Best exercise bikes for tall people – Comparison table


Best exercise bikes for height up to 6'2"

PLENY Folding Fitness Exercise Bike with Resistance Bands

Our Review
Upright YES 264.5 lbs (120kg) 16 levels

XS Sports B510 Magnetic Exercise Bike

Our Review
Upright NO 220.5 lbs (100 kg) 5kg magnetic flywheel with adjustable resistance

YOLEO Stationary Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike

Our Review
Spin NO 330 lbs (150kg) Adjustable magnetic resistance levels

JLL® JF100 Home Exercise Bike

Our Review
Upright NO 220.5 lbs (100 kg) 10 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

Viavito Unisex's Satori Exercise Bike

Our Review
Upright NO 308.6 lbs (140 kg) 32 Levels Of Electronic Magnetic Resistance

Best exercise bikes for those over 6’2”

Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

Our Review
Recumbent YES 400 lbs (181 kg) 8 level magnetic tension control System

EXERPEUTIC Gold 500 XLS Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

Our Review
Upright YES 400 lbs (181 kg) 8 level Magnetic Tension control system

Keiser M3i

Our Review
Spin NO 350 pounds (159 kg) Magnetic resistance system (maximum resistance: 24)

Best exercise bikes for height up to around 6’2”

Based on customers’ honest reviews and our expert opinion, we’ve created a list of best stationary bikes for men and women up to around 6’2’’ of height. Take a look at our top-rated products:

PLENY Folding Fitness Exercise Bike with Resistance Bands

This amazing bike provides the support, stability and comfort of a recumbent bike (with an ergonomic backrest). Still, it gives you the opportunity to have a full-body workout and engage all the needed leg muscles, like the upright bike. You can also train your arms, thanks to the attached resistance bands.

You don’t need to worry about uncomfortable cycling since this fantastic machine allows up to 2.4’ of leg length. If you’re around 6’2’’, you won’t have a problem easily mounting this bike.

With the updated 16 level tension adjustment, you can have a noise-free, smooth workout experience. The unit is folded into a storable size and comes with wheels, meaning you can put it under the bed, behind a closet, or just keep it neatly folded in your room. Customers think this product is very sturdy, easy to use, and provides excellent results in the long run.

Key features:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 264.5 lbs (120kg)
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Cost-effective
  • Sturdy
  • Specifically made for tall people

Available from: Amazon / eBay

XS Sports B510 Magnetic Exercise Bike

This sturdy machine will perform best for long-distance cycling and cardio workouts.

It features a large LCD screen that provides all the necessary features like distance, speed, pulse, calorie burn, and more.

Although it isn’t foldable, its sleek design makes it a nice piece of furniture you can keep in your workout room and hop on whenever you’re ready for some blood pumping.

The XS Sports bike was made to fit everyone – featuring a fully adjustable seat up and down, forward and backwards.

The handles are also adjustable, as well as the pedal straps for feet comfort and effortless cycling.

Customers reviewed this bike as very sturdy, worth the money and very comfortable for taller people, especially when it comes to easy pedalling and leg extending during cycling.

Key features:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 220.5 lbs (100 kg)
  • Extremely sturdy and safe to use
  • Fully adjustable, mobile parts
  • Features a phone/tablet holder
  • Not foldable

Available from: Amazon / eBay

YOLEO Stationary Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike

This heavy-duty, multi-purpose upright bike is definitely worth the investment. If you’re a versatile workout enthusiast, this bike is an optimal choice for your needs.

You can start with slow, calorie-burning riding, then switch to more intense, upright spinning. A wide range of resistance levels offers a variety of workout intensity, depending on your physique and strength.

Some customers find the bike’s size a bit intimidating; however, its silent operating, sturdiness and high-end quality definitely outweigh the storage issue.

A unique thing about this bike is that you can adjust the seat position and height, handlebars and pedals in 6 completely different positions, allowing you to customize the bike to your size and preferred cycling position.

The seat is extra cushioned, with ergonomic design and soft padding—all in all, a well-build, versatile machine for best workout results.

Key features:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 330 lbs (150kg)
  • Fully adjustable seat, handlebars, and pedal straps
  • Multi-purpose – recumbent and upright (spinning) cycling
  • Sturdy and durable
  • A bit bulky (compared to similar products)
  • Unfoldable

Available from: Amazon

JLL® JF100 Home Exercise Bike

If you like uninterrupted, smooth workouts, this durable stationary bike provides you with a meditative, quiet cycling experience. The belt-driven technology enables long-lasting, noise-free riding without the need to lubricate the system and worry about constant maintenance issues.

This upright stationary bike engages all your muscles without putting too much pressure on your joints and enabling smooth and effortless cycling.

The bike is not foldable but is transportable thanks to two nifty back wheels that help you roll it in a storage nook in no time. Both the handlebars and the seat post are fully adjustable, enabling comfortable use for taller people.

Users find it perfect for low to medium-intensity workouts and calorie burning exercising.

Key features:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 220.5 lbs (100 kg)
  • Attached wheels
  • Not foldable
  • Designed for tall people
  • Fully adjustable parts

Available from: Amazon / eBay

Viavito Unisex’s Satori Exercise Bike

Viavito’s stationary bike is the epitome of versatility. The smart design suits both men and women’s physiognomy, offering a whopping 32 level range of resistance.

The user-friendly LCD monitor displays workout features like speed, distance, calorie burn, time, pulse for an authentic cycling session. As this is not enough, you can also choose between 4 user profiles and type in your personal data to customize the performance and improve result accuracy.

The large cushioned seat is fully adjustable, so are the handlebars and pedal straps.

Customers graded this bike as an optimal choice for tall people. It proved to be very durable, offering fantastic features.

Despite not being foldable, its space-saving design with narrow pedal distance makes it easily storable and put aside.

Key features:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 308.6 lbs (140 kg)
  • Best performance for tall people
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Fully adjustable
  • Great features

Available from: Amazon / Sweatband

Best exercise bikes for those over 6’2”

Those over 6’2’’, don’t get discouraged yet, as we’ve saved the best for last – some top-notch stationary bikes that will prevent your height from getting in your way of achieving optimal exercise goals.

Best recumbent exercise bike for a tall person:
Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

This is a high-quality recumbent bike, specifically purposeful for really tall people (up to 6’5″) who need to lose pounds and get back in shape.

Designed to keep you comfortable and pain-free, this foldable bike features a large padded seat, with a detachable cushioned back support, suitable both for men and women.

This recumbent exercise bike stands out for its remarkable weight capacity, withholding up to 400 lbs (181 kg) of weight.

You can customize the bike by your physique, given that the seat post is adjustable by length and height. The exercise unit comes with 8 levels of resistance for versatile workout intensity.

Users like that the machine can be neatly folded and easily stored basically anywhere. It proves to be very sturdy and lives up to expectations regarding weight capacity and adjustability for different users’ heights.

Although a bit pricey than similar products, its quality and high-end design make it definitely worth the investment to achieve the desired results.


  • Neatly foldable
  • Maximum weight capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg)
  • Comfortable and safe to use
  • Low-impact, high-intensity workouts
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Only adjustable for tall people
  • A bit challenging to assemble
  • Heart rate sensor not always consistent

Available from: Amazon

Best upright exercise bike for a tall person:
EXERPEUTIC Gold 500 XLS Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

Another great option for tall people who need safe, low-impact exercise; it features a large, padded seat to enable comfortable cycling for heavier users. Its strong steel construction makes it durable enough to hold up to 400 lbs (181 kg).

The seat post and handles are easily adjustable, perfect for users that are 5’1″ to 6’5″ tall. Although an upright exercise bike, customers love that this product is safe and useful for seniors and physically impaired users who need to build up strength and work on stamina.

The bike comes with a large, user-friendly LCD monitor to give you all the needed workout info and parameters.

Also, if you struggle with free space, you can quickly fold this nifty bike and store it away in no time. Being an advanced piece of equipment, it may be above the expected budget, but with all the provided features and impressive quality, it is great value for money and worth the investment.

All in all, Exerpeutic Gold bike proved to be a perfect indoor exercise bike for heavier, tall beginners who need extra support and sturdiness for safe and enjoyable cycling.


  • Extremely sturdy and safe
  • Foldable
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Maximum weight capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg)
  • High quality steel construction


  • Bulky and heavy to move around
  • Expensive, compared to similar products
  • Requires assembly

Available from: Amazon

Best spin bike for a tall person: Keiser M3i

Now you can spin your way to perfect stamina without your inches restricting you! Not only does it look sleek, but it also provides smooth and uninterrupted cycling.

Keiser M3i offers a set of workout apps and programs for best indoor exercising, precise metrics, and improved result accuracy.

This bike’s unique V shape and an upcycled rear wheel make it light-weight but durable enough for heavier users (maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds or 159kg). If by any chance, you need to store this modern-looking device, you can easily do that thanks to a set of wheels for quick transport.

Being a spin bike, this exercise unit perfectly fits taller people, featuring a fully adjustable seat post. It features a media tray (for a tablet or smartphone), a stretch pad and a water bottle holder to round up the authentic workout experience.

You can also get a customized dumbbell holder to incorporate a more versatile body workout. Customers find this amazing product really durable and fantastic for advanced spinning and high-intensity physical activity.


  • Light-weight but durable
  • Smooth and quiet cycling system
  • Sturdy for heavier users
  • Suitable for heights up to 6’5″
  • Large LCD with necessary metrics
  • Useful extra attachments and features


  • Not foldable
  • Requires assembly
  • Restricted to advanced cyclists

Buy it from Amazon / eBay

Final thoughts – what is the best stationary bike for me?

Whichever indoor bike on our list you find most fitting, you won’t make a mistake. Based on your preferences, physical shape, height, weight, and wanted features, you can find at least one pick that will serve the purpose.
Use this review to help you categorize important features and focus on what’s crucial. Enjoy cycling, and don’t worry about your height anymore, at least not as a crippling trait.

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