Why you should buy your own gym equipment

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A lot of fitness addicts bought themselves some gym equipment during lockdown because they could not get to the gym. Many of these people may have found that buying their own equipment and working out at home has a lot of benefits, possibly even deciding not to return to their gym memberships.

It’s Better for Your Wallet

You will never again have to worry about increasing membership fees or having to freeze or cancel your gym membership. You will not have that payment going out of your account every month as well as saving money on travelling to the gym.

You can make one investment and the equipment you buy will likely last a lifetime. A range of kettlebells from BLK BOX Fitness, for example, is cheaper than a couple of months membership and this equipment alone can aid you in countless exercise routines, helping you build strength, endurance and confidence within your workouts.

You Can Work Out At Any Time

Your exercise regime will not be influenced by opening times or holiday closures. With your own equipment at home, you can exercise whenever the mood takes you regardless of the time of day. This also means you can sneak in a workout in any free time you have or do some reps at 3 am if you want to.

Not all gyms are open 24/7 and if you’re eager to fit a gym session into your workout schedule, despite working late hours or trying to get your workouts around your parental responsibilities, then having your own gym equipment to hand ensures you’ll never miss a session.

You’re Potentially Exposed to More Germs

Even before the fears surrounding the spread of COVID-19, the gym posed a threat to your health. When you go to the gym, you are exposing yourself to germs from everyone else who frequents that space and sharing equipment and facilities.

You can catch a cold or contract a foot infection from the showers, or from handling equipment after other gym-goers who aren’t as stringent about the illness as they should be!

When you’re at home, you can easily keep your gym equipment and your workout space clean and hygienic.

You Can Focus Better

There are no loud conversations, interruptions from other gym-goers, no TVs or music that you do not like. You can curate an experience that is most conducive to your workout, choosing your own music or opting for no music at all. There is no need to rush through your reps because someone is waiting or being interrupted by anyone asking you questions.

You No Longer Have to Share Equipment

As well as being much cleaner, it is also much more convenient to be able to use your own equipment.

You do not have to wait around for your equipment of choice to become available nor deal with the hassle of others wanting to use the machine you are using. If you like to or have to work out at popular times, then your workout can take twice as long.

You Can Work Out in Private

A lot of us can find the gym to be a little intimidating for various reasons. Maybe you are self-conscious about your form or ability, insecure about how you look or find yourself getting bothered by men trying to tell you how to do things.

At home, you can wear whatever you like to work out and have no reason to feel self-conscious about anything.

Many women find the gym environment intimidating and prefer to work out in a personal, safe space, where they can focus on their progress without worrying about garnering unwanted attention or being made to feel intimidated whilst working out.

Bonus Tip: If you’re worried about your form whilst using your home gym equipment, then consider booking a couple of workout sessions with a personal trainer who can show you how to use your equipment correctly, and make the most out of your exercise sessions at home.

Forgotten Items Are A Thing of the Past

As a gym-goer, there’s nothing more frustrating than hitting the gym, only to realise you’ve forgotten your earphones, your phone is out of charge, or you’ve left your towel at home.

When you have your own gym equipment and choose to work out at home, these potential issues are completely eliminated. No more worrying about forgetting your headphones, losing your gym towel, or even having something taken from your gym bag.

When you have your own equipment, you can simply focus on your exercise routine without worrying about your personal items.

With Home Gym Equipment, You Can Progress

Just because you’ve purchased home gym equipment, doesn’t mean you can’t progress your workouts. As time goes on and your strength, endurance and confidence increase, you’ll naturally want to progress your gym routine, whether that’s with different equipment to challenge yourself or heavier weight increments to hit that PB.

As you make progress within your gym routine, you can upgrade your equipment as you go, keeping your fitness goals interesting and on target.

In Conclusion…

Buying your own gym equipment is certainly worthwhile and when compared to a traditional gym membership and all the additional factors that come with it, it’s hardly surprising that more people than ever are sticking with personal gym equipment and working out at home!

By Emily Taylor
Emily has been a freelance writer for 5 years. She is a mother of 3 and her writing specialises in covering all aspects of health and lifestyle from exercise tips, to mental health advice but always carries her own signature voice throughout.

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