Guest Posting Guidelines

I only accept the best quality posts which are well-researched and provide value for my readers. I don’t accept posts which have been written by software and articles copied from other websites and rewritten. I check every post with a plagiarism checker and if I discover it’s not unique, it gets refused.

Here are my guest posting guidelines which you need to follow to ensure a successful publication on Be Healthy Now. Please email petra (at) behealthynow (dot) co (dot) uk once you’ve read these guidelines:

  1. A minimum of 800 words
  2. Your guest post ideas should be pitched to me first to ensure they are suitable for my blog. If you send me an article without pitching your ideas first, it’s very likely it will get refused.
  3. A chosen topic needs to be well-researched and supported by trusted sources and authority websites. The article needs to link to at least two authority websites but not to WebMD and Wikipedia.
  4. The content needs to be unique (not published elsewhere previously), useful and helpful
  5. The content should focus on one of the following: health, healthy living, healthy lifestyle tips, cancer prevention and prevention of other modern diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and dementia; fitness, healthy foods, ‘is xxxx healthy’ (for example: Are eggs healthy?); healthy eating, nutrition, be healthy naturally (by not using medicines, focus on prevention), natural living (avoiding everyday toxins), natural beauty (how to be beautiful naturally, by using natural products), mind-body connection, healthy mind (self-care). I don’t accept product reviews
  6. Good grammar, spelling and language is essential, I prefer posts with my style of writing (friendly, simple language, easy to understand)
  7. A well-formatted article is required (subheadings, short paragraphs/bullet points, images if possible)
  8. Only links within a blog post that will provide value to the readers are allowed (links to the UK based trusted websites are preferred as my audience are mostly UK based)
  9. A maximum of 1 ‘dofollow’ link going to a specific brand/company’s website. Multiple SEO links not allowed. The link has to naturally fit within the content and not be forced. Please don’t insert your link into the introductory paragraphs.
  10. I don’t link to bingo sites, loan sites, the sites promoting weight loss products and similar (travel insurance, casino, anything else not relevant to my blog and its ethos)
  11. Conclusion with an author bio is required
  12. Links which don’t add value to the article and are clearly there for SEO purposes won’t be accepted (I accept only branded links as per Google’s recommendations) Don’t insert links with specific keywords as anchor text.
  13. Blog posts which act as an advertisement for products and services are not accepted
  14. I reserve the right to edit the content if needed
  15. I will not insert additional links or change anchor text once the article has gone live.
  16. The posts are live for a minimum of 3 years.

Some examples of good quality articles which I agreed to publish in the past: