How to delay your periods naturally

Who among us hasn’t, when on vacation, hoped they could just breeze right over a period? So, why not wait a little bit to avoid the symptoms like breast pain and bloating?

It’s not unusual for a woman to get tired of her regular menstrual cycle and say that she wants to put it off.

Natural or Medicated?

Women who choose to delay their periods with the help of the most tried-and-true method, namely the use of contemporary contraceptives and drugs, can now do it with relative ease. You can easily order period delay pills online by visiting any online pharmacy like Access Doctor.

Although natural and contraceptive both methods have their pros and cons and disrupt your hormones to some extent. According to the specialists, the natural methods are a bit safer than the medicated ones, but obviously not 100% reliable either.

Delaying naturally is better

If you perform a search on the internet for natural ways to delay your period, you will find many different suggestions. Two of the more common ones are to get regular exercise and drink water that has been flavoured with vinegar, as well as the use of lemon juice.

When your period cramps begin and you have an important event to attend, it might be difficult. Even if your period hasn’t arrived yet, you can still attend important occasions by using one of these at-home remedies.

However, do any of these strategies actually produce the desired results?

The facts about apple cider vinegar, gramme lentils, and lemon juice

Drinking green bean water a few days to a week before your period or taking gramme lentils, gelatin, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice a few days before your period is recommended by the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition as a way to delay your period.

Another option is to take apple cider vinegar (lemon juice). However, none of these methods has been shown to be helpful via scientific research. This is because the hormones that are involved in the regulation of your period cannot be altered through the use of certain beverages or foods.

Consuming them in quantities that are too high might cause damage to your gums and teeth, in addition to your tongue, throat, and digestive system.

Exercise and periods of delay

Although it is true that exercise can reduce cramps and other period-related concerns, the timing of your period will not vary in any way regardless of how much you exercise.

Some women may not get their periods because they overexert themselves or because they severely restrict their calorie intake. But because you are more likely to get other health problems, this is not a treatment that is recommended in any way to delay your period.

Gelatine to postpone time

Gelatine may be helpful in postponing the periods for up to a few hours, but this treatment needs repetition if you wish to delay it further, but again, there is no scientific evidence found that could back this method up. Rather, it may cause bloating and digestive issues if consumed in larger quantities.


Carotene is an antioxidant found in papaya that alters the menstrual cycle by raising the level of oestrogen in women, so if you are really looking forward to delaying your cycle, papaya is the one to help you with that.

Cinnamon Tea

Alternatively, you can make a cup of cinnamon tea, which is rich in antioxidants. Keep in mind that cinnamon might raise your body temperature, so be aware of this. Because of this, if you eat too much cinnamon, it could stop your monthly cycle.

Ice-cream and Reddish

According to popular belief, eating cold foods like ice cream can help you postpone your period. A longer delay in menstruation may be achieved by eating radishes, which have cooling properties. If you take this medicine a week before your period starts, it should hold off your period for a few days.

Aside from completely relying on natural methods, there are also medicated methods that may help you delay your cycle but also mess up your hormones. Some commonly used methods include:

  • The pill and vaginal ring
  • Orally taken, progesterone
  • Injection

Downsides of delaying your periods

There is a chance that a natural delay in a period could have some consequences also. The mucous membranes of the mouth and throat can be irritated by both lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Because they can erode the enamel that covers your teeth, they should be avoided. You may have bloating and cramps in your stomach after eating gelatine and gram lentils.

But at least they are safer than the pill. So every time you think about delaying your periods, do not pop into the pills and medicines because they might play with your body and may cause problems in the future.

Written by Sofia Alves

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