The Ultimate Health Care: Meditation

woman meditating

Meditation is a well-known practice, known to reduce stress and improve concentration. But did you know how much impact actually has on your body? It’s so beneficial that doctors recommend it to heart patients! And not only heart patients should give it a go, everybody should try it actually as it has so many health […]

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6 Benefits of Solitude and Reflection While Meditating


Guest post For over thousands of years, individuals have practiced and encouraged meditation. To this day, society still embraces utilizing meditation in order to improve not just their emotional and physical well-being, but the overall quality of their life, through intentional reflection. Sometimes, the answers and solutions we need are inside of us, and it’s […]

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Free 21-day meditation experience from Oprah & Deepak

meditation challenge by Oprah and Deepak

Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection Do you feel stressed? Are you often angry? Irritable? Are you just generally unhappy? You should really try meditating then! Recently I’ve been feeling a bit out of balance so I decided to take on a 21-day meditation challenge led by Oprah & Deepak Chopra. […]

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