Bulk Powders: Interview with the founders

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Bulk Powders organic pumpkin protein

Bulk Powders are a brand that I regularly buy from and if you haven’t tried any of their products yet, you are definitely missing out. They sell good quality protein powders but also superfoods and nutritional supplements. I am a big fan of their vegan protein powder but have also tried some of their other products.

I like that their products are so affordable but the quality is never compromised despite a good price.

It’s been a while since I reviewed some of their products so I thought to feature them on my blog again, giving you an opportunity to learn more about them. This time I decided to get in touch with the brand directly and find out from the founders how it all started and why should people give them a try. I have also asked them some of the questions people commonly ask so that if you have any doubts or concerns, you will hopefully find all the answers here.

When did Bulk Powders start? Tell us about early beginnings and how it all started.

We set up Bulk Powders 13 years ago and at the time you had to buy ‘finished’ supplement products, you couldn’t pick and choose like you can now. Also, supplements had hidden dosages of ingredients; it was impossible to tell what you were consuming and what you were really paying for.

This inspired Elliot and I to make single-ingredient supplements so people could make their own formulations. We wanted to create products that were transparent, of high quality and affordable in order to make the industry more accessible.

Are Bulk Powders safe and legitimate?

Yes! All of our products are fully tested, so they’re safe and legitimate to use. We always ensure our products and recipes meet changing consumer needs.

Are MyProtein and Bulk Powders the same company?

No, we’re not the same company.

Where do you ship? Do you ship to the US and Canada?

Along with the UK and Ireland, we ship to most European countries and we also deliver to Canada, Japan and Singapore. We don’t currently ship to the US.

How long does the delivery take?

It depends on the delivery option chosen.
Standard delivery takes 3-4 working days; express delivery arrives the next working day; or with premium delivery, customers can choose between delivery on the next working day by 10:30AM or 12:00 noon. We also offer Saturday and Sunday delivery.

Is Bulk Powders halal?

Some of our products are halal such as Pure Whey Isolate, Super Pea Protein Isolate, Egg White Powder and Chia Seeds.

Some people wonder why Bulk Powders is so cheap. Are you really that affordable and how do you manage to keep your prices down?

We buy our raw materials in bulk (hence the name) and negotiate the best prices so that we can make our products in-house, at the highest possible quality. This business model allows us to offer discounts.

What are your best sellers?

Our Pure Whey Protein, Pure Whey Isolate 90, Peanut Butter, Liquid Egg Whites, Vegan Protein Powder and Creatine Monohydrate!

Do you sell many vegan products and are there any plans to expand your vegan range? Please give examples of your vegan products.

We sell several vegan products under our Vegan Series range. The range includes protein powder; mass gainer; Omega 3 6 9; probiotics; digestive enzymes; vitamin D2; BCAAs; and vegan all in one, which is a post-workout shake with protein, carbohydrates, creatine and BCAAs. Along with our vegan range, a lot of our other ranges include vegan products such as the Active Foods range which comprises peanut butter, coconut flour and coconut sugar. We’re planning on expanding the vegan range – watch this space!

How are you different from your competitors?

Our business model makes Bulk Powders unique within the industry. We sell directly to the consumer and manufacture the vast majority of our products in-house, which allows us to sell our products at the lowest possible price and at the highest possible quality. We also specialise in completely transparent formulas, with all dosages clearly listed in no proprietary blends. Also, we work with the world’s best athletes, including Anthony Joshua and Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

Many thanks to the founders who helped me with this post. If you want to learn more check out Bulk Powders’ website.

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