Is Keto Diet A Fad?

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keto diet

Everybody seems to be talking about keto diet these days and you may be wondering whether it’s a fad or something that will actually remain popular in the weight loss industry. Maybe you’ve heard about health improvements from people who tried this diet and now you are thinking of giving it a go so that you can improve your health too.

If you need an alternative short-term method or dieting procedure that will work, the keto diet is definitely worth considering. At the end of the day, the keto diet was created for people like you, those who want to lose some weight but especially for those with medical conditions. If that’s what being a fad is, then the keto diet is definitely a fad.

But keto diet is not that sort of thing you get into with your eyes closed. Before you can decide to start on the keto diet, you need to understand your body and its needs as well as the short-comings better than you understand the diet itself. That way, you will best monitor progress as per the response you get from the diet.

What is a keto diet?

If a keto diet is a new term to you, let me bring you up to speed. It simply means carb and sugar starvation. Exposing your body to the ketogenic diet simply means ensuring that your body gets high levels of fats while the intake of carbohydrates and proteins are regulated.

This means that the keto diet comes with the lowest consumption of carbs as it’s limited to 50 grams or less every day. If you can manage that, then you are good to go keto. To ensure that the keto diet is perfect for your welfare, read more in order to better understand what the whole procedure entails.

What You Need to Know About Keto Diet

Sugar is A Necessity

When it comes to the better functioning of the body, sugar is like the key ingredient. The body in its entirety requires sugar for it to be able to function well and ensure every system in the body works as it is supposed to.

Yes, sugar is carbohydrates in its simplest form and that is what the body needs in order to obtain energy that will help in its proper function especially of body organs and the brain included.

But, one thing you should remember is that this sugar should be obtained from natural foods like vegetables and fruits. These are what are considered sources of healthy sugars.

When doing keto, you should avoid all forms of processed sugars, all forms of white sugar, and even sugar from grains. Stay on the natural side.

So, the keto diet is one that causes your body to release ketones. Without sugar from food in your blood, you begin to break down stored fat into ketone bodies, which is a process known as ketosis. When you reach ketosis, your body uses ketone bodies to produce energy until you eat carbohydrates again.

Your body’s ability to shift from using sugar in your blood to using stored fat as your main source of energy may happen within two to four days of eating less than 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. However, remember that this will vary among individuals, and some may need a stricter diet to begin generating enough ketones.

Keto Diet Means Pressure on the Body

A keto diet is not for those people who lack the capability to withstand an extreme state of dieting. Your body will be exposed to a state that is challenging and it will have to handle it.

In simple terms, the keto diet will acidify your blood, which means a lot of pressure on the kidneys. This amount of pressure, though more often may cause kidney stones, rarely happens on a well-formulated keto diet.

Among the major criticisms of the keto diet is that people tend to consume poor-quality fat, too much protein, and minimal vegetables and fruits. Many people feel tired when starting keto, and some experience vomiting, nausea, constipation, and sleep problems.

This basically means that before you embark on the keto diet, you need to read and understand more about it. You need to have your body tasted and ensure despite the stress that it will be exposed to, the metabolism will still be able to allow your body to function normally.

The Added Medical Advantages

As much as the keto diet may expose your body to a lot of pressure, there are some medical advantages attached to the practice of this diet. Historically, it dates back to the 1920s where it was seen as a solution to the epileptic patients who had a null response to the available medication.

The diet has been noted to be of benefit especially to those with a bacterial or viral infection. This is because, with the keto diet, you are simply denying your body the acidic sugary environment that supports the growth of these infections.

Sugar May Not Be Your Problem

If you’re a bit heavy and you have a sweet tooth, do your research before doing keto. Some have tried keto just to find out that sugar is not their problem but something else entirely. There are other factors that contribute to increased weight, like illness and inflammation. Understand that this is not a universal remedy for weight loss.

It Results in Loss of Muscles

If you are a bodybuilder, this is where you close the page and go back to the gym because believe me, the keto diet will do you more harm than good. This is because bodybuilding requires a lot of training, and that won’t be easy when you have exhausted most sugars from your body. Working out too hard without enough fuel for your muscles will do more harm than good.

But if you’re just someone looking to maintain average muscles, keto can be for you as long as it’s done properly. For the rest of the population, let’s lose some muscle people.

Exogenous Ketones Won’t Work

So someone told you that if you consume ketones, you will automatically be in the state of ketosis. But this is not a magic solution and you will still have to put a lot of work in. In many cases, the result is basically a lot of pee and you will just waste a lot of money for nothing.

For a true keto diet, the body needs to be exposed to starvation from certain sugars that your body has been used to for a very long time. You need to deny your body what it wants and that’s why ketones consumption is not for everybody as it may be an unpleasant experience to some people.

Look Into Your Possible Allergies

There is no need of starving your body just to expose it to another hell of allergies. Food-related allergies can be a major health hazard, including body inflammation. Tests are preferred to ensure that you minimize if not to eliminate all the allergy risks that may become problematic.

Is your Body Able to Keep Up with the Diet?

Tests may show you that your body is in a position to handle all the pressure that it may sustain from the diet. But sometimes the pressure is too much for the body and kidneys as much. If that turns out to be the case, you are advised to discontinue the diet.

The maximum duration recommended of the keto diet is one week before falling back to homeostasis.

If you expose your body for too long to the keto diet, important parts of your body like the kidney and the brain will begin to shut down. You don’t want to imagine your life with organs that are shutting down now, do you?

Understand the Needs of Your Body

This is basically to say that should you choose to start the keto diet, ensure it is for the right reasons. It is said to be recommended for people under medical supervision or for those who are doing it for medical reasons. In case yours is for weight loss, you need to be aware of your body and be in constant check.

The keto diet isn’t a recommended eating plan for the long-term. If you’re looking for a more sustainable and healthier eating lifestyle you can maintain for the long haul, consider opting for a plant-based diet. As always, it’s best to learn more about an eating lifestyle before trying it out. For example, Proper Good has an article about plant-based collagen you can view. There are also other resources you can check out to learn more about plant-based diets.

It is said that the best of diets are meant to ensure that your body is fuelled and heated up and the keto diet is far from those goals. Prior to starting the keto diet, ensure you understand what your body wants, what are its needs, and finally, be aware of the desired end result.

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