Paleo Sacher cake

paleo sacher cake

This is a guest recipe from Anita, a Hungarian health blogger who loves cooking healthy dishes and enjoys making healthy desserts. Cakes and desserts are not something that I eat every day and they are usually reserved for weekends but we all need a treat sometimes, right? It’s all about balance for me – my […]

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Salted Cacao and Nut Butter Bites

Cacao nut butter bites

I love the look of these cacao and nut butter bites, recipe kindly provided by the lovely Carly from My Well Being Journal. These bites could be eaten as a snack or a healthier dessert, and I believe they would also be great as an energy snack before the workout or to help the recovery after the workout. I haven’t tried […]

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“Healthy” pancakes

Finished healthier pancakes

I forgot how easy it is to make pancakes. I used to eat and make them weekly as a child and with time I really got bored of them. The thing is that we had lots of chickens at home and this meant lots of eggs! My mum had to do something with those cracked […]

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