Is Ryvita Good for You?

For over ninety years, Ryvita has been a staple in British pantries, evolving from simple rye breads to a diverse range of Crackerbreads, Thins, and more. They’re known for healthy options, and having enjoyed these crackers myself, I really value their focus on health. But with such a varied lineup, just how good for you are Ryvita crackers? Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ryvita crackers, especially options like Original and Multigrain Crispbread, are rich in fibre and contain essential nutrients, supporting good digestion and overall health.
  • Ryvita products are a good source of essential nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc, and magnesium, which contribute to overall health and wellness.
  • Certain Ryvita varieties, like Pumpkin Seed & Oat and Multigrain Crispbread, are lower in carbs and suitable for diabetics when consumed in moderation.

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What Goes into Ryvita Crackers?

Most Ryvita crackers are made with rye, which is great because it’s full of nutrients and really good for digestion. Their classic Crispbread (previously called Crunchy Rye Bread) is very simple, containing just rye, water, and a little salt. They keep things healthy across all their Crispbread flavours, adding only good stuff like sesame and pumpkin seeds, and no added sugar.

However, their Crackerbread line is a bit different. It mainly uses wheat, and some types even have added sugar, like the original and Wholegrain Crackerbread.

Then there’s Ryvita Thins, perfect for dipping. These are mostly made with wheat flour, but they include a bit of rye too. The Multi Seed Thins are the healthiest choice in the Thins range because they don’t have added sugar and are packed with fibre.

Let’s take a quick peek at some Ryvita products to see what really goes into them:

Ryvita product Ingredients
Original Crispbread Wholegrain RYE Flour, RYE Flour, Salt>
Multigrain Crispbread RYE (Wholegrain Flour, Bran), Toasted Seeds and Grains (18%) (Buckwheat, Brown Linseed, SESAME SEEDS, Kibbled RYE), Salt.
Dark Rye Crispbread Wholegrain RYE Flour, RYE Flour, Salt.
Original Crackerbread WHEAT Flour (WHEAT Flour, Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Rapeseed Oil, Skimmed MILK Powder, Salt, Sugar, Sugar Beet Fibre.
Wholegrain Crackerbread Wholegrain WHEAT Flour, Sugar, Skimmed MILK Powder, Rapeseed Oil, Salt.
Rosemary & Sea Salt Thins WHEAT Flour (84%) (WHEAT Flour, Calcium, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin), Wholegrain RYE Flour (8%), Dried Rosemary Pieces (3%), Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Flavour Enhancer (Potassium Chloride), Natural Rosemary Flavouring (0.5%).
Multi Seed Thins WHEAT Flour (61%) (WHEAT Flour, Calcium, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin), Mixed Seeds (24%) (Millet Seed, Brown Linseed, Golden Linseed), Wholegrain RYE Flour (10%), Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Flavour Enhancer (Potassium Chloride).
Three Cheese Thins WHEAT Flour (48%) (WHEAT Flour, Calcium, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin), Wholegrain RYE Flour (21%), Cheese (19%) (Mild Cheddar Cheese (MILK), Medium Mature Cheddar Cheese (Medium Mature Cheddar (MILK), Potato Starch), Emmental Cheese (MILK), Imokilly Regato Cheese (Protected Designation of Origin) (MILK), Wholemeal WHEAT Flour, Sugar, Onion Powder, Salt.

Nutrition Highlights of Ryvita Products

Ryvita crackers vary in nutritional value depending on the type and flavour. Those made with whole grains generally offer more fibre and nutrients compared to products made from processed wheat flour. However, Ryvita adds sugar beet fibre to their more processed products (Original Crackerbread, for example) to make them healthier.

Carbohydrates Insight

Ryvita crackers vary widely in their carbohydrate content. While the Original Crispbread has 69g of carbs per 100g, options like the Pumpkin Seed and Oat Crispbread are lower at 55.8g.

It’s important to know that while most Ryvita products don’t contain added sugars, a few like Original Crackerbread do.

Choosing products made from whole grains without added sugars is healthier, so opting for Ryvita Crispbreads over Crackerbreads can be better for your diet.

Dark Rye Crispbread 67.5g 2.6g NO
Original Crispbread 69g 2.4g NO
Multigrain Crispbread 55.7g 3.7g NO
Sesame Crispbread 57.5g 3.2g NO
Pumpkin Seed & Oat Crispbread 55.8g 2.9g NO
Original Crackerbread 77.5g 1.2g YES
Wholegrain Crackerbread 70.2g 4.1g YES
Multi Seed Thins 64.3g 2.6g NO
Rosemary & Sea Salt Thins 70.8g 3.6g NO

Fibre Content

Ryvita Crispbreads are rich in fibre, with amounts ranging from 14g to 18.5g per 100g depending on the flavour, supporting healthy digestion.

For those focusing on fibre intake, it’s best to avoid Ryvita Crackerbreads, as they have less than 10g of fibre per 100g. The Original Crackerbread has the lowest, at just 2.5g, while Wholegrain Crackerbread is higher, at 8.4g per 100g.

If you prefer Ryvita Thins, the Multi Seed Thins are a great choice with the highest fibre content in the range at 10.6g per 100g.

Dark Rye Crispbread 14.3g
Original Crispbread 13.4g
Multigrain Crispbread 17.2g
Sesame Crispbread 18.5g
Pumpkin Seed & Oat Crispbread 14.3g
Original Crackerbread 2.5g
Wholegrain Crackerbread 8.4g
Multi Seed Thins 10.6g
Rosemary & Sea Salt Thins 7.8g

Protein and Fat

Protein content in Ryvita crackers ranges from about 10g to 15g per 100g, with Dark Rye Crispbread containing 10.6g, and Pumpkin Seed & Oat Crispbread at 15g per 100g.

On the fat side, plain Ryvita varieties (Original & Dark Rye Crispbreads) are very low in fat—typically around 1g per 100g. Varieties with seeds, such as Sesame Crispbread, contain more—6.9g per 100g—due to the healthy fats in seeds.

Dark Rye Crispbread 10.6g 0.9g 0.1g
Original Crispbread 10.5g 1.1g 0.1g
Multigrain Crispbread 12.8g 5.1g 0.5g
Sesame Crispbread 13.4g 6.9g 0.7g
Pumpkin Seed & Oat Crispbread 15.0g 8.5g 1.1g
Original Crackerbread 10.5g 3.7g 0.2g
Wholegrain Crackerbread 12.5g 3.6g 0.2g
Multi Seed Thins 14.3g 11.2g 1.0g
Rosemary & Sea Salt Thins 14.8g 5.4g 0.4g

Calorie Content

When considering the calorie content of Ryvita products, Original Crackerbread contains 20 calories per slice and 80 calories for four slices, making it a lower calorie option. In comparison, Original Crispbread has 37 calories per slice and 148 calories for four.

Adding 10g of butter to a slice of Original Crispbread, for instance, adds about 72 calories, bringing a single slice to approximately 109 calories. If you top it with a slice of cheese instead, you’re looking at adding roughly 70-100 calories, depending on the type of cheese.

This illustrates how toppings can significantly affect the overall calorie intake of these seemingly light snacks.

Flavour Calories in 1 cracker Calories in 4 crackers
Original Crispbread 37 148
Dark Rye Crispbread 37 148
Multigrain Crispbread 37 148
Original Crackerbread 20 80
Wholegrain Crackerbread 19 76
Multi Seed Thins 39 156

Health Benefits of Ryvita Crackers

Ryvita crackers, especially the Original Crispbread, are packed with numerous health benefits, making them an excellent choice for a nutritious diet:

  • Good for Your Gut: Being high in fibre, Ryvita can help prevent constipation and promote regular digestion.
  • Helps with Weight Control: The combination of being whole grain, high in fibre, and low in fat makes Ryvita a valuable part of any weight loss diet.
  • Sustained Energy: The slow-releasing carbs in Ryvita keep you going without the sugar spikes.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Loaded with B vitamins for your nerves and metabolism, and minerals like zinc and magnesium for healthy skin and hair.

Adding tasty toppings like avocado, hummus or smoked salmon boosts these benefits, making Ryvita even more delicious and nutritious.

Is Ryvita Good for Diabetics?

Ryvita can fit into a diabetic diet if you watch how much you eat. Their high-fibre options like the Pumpkin Seed & Oat Crispbread and Multigrain Crispbread have lower carbs compared to other Ryvita crackers, which can help control blood sugar levels.

It’s also important for diabetics to balance their meals and monitor their total carbohydrate intake. Remember to consult a healthcare provider to personalise your meal plan effectively.

How Many Syns are There in Ryvita Crackers?

This varies depending on the type of cracker. An Original Crackerbread has 1 Syn. An Original Crispbread has 1.5 Syns, whilst a 30g bag of Ryvita Minis has 5.5 Syns.

Is Ryvita Healthier than Bread?

Ryvita rye crackers are healthier than white bread since they are higher in fibre and more nutritious. Opt for Ryvita with healthy toppings like hummus or avocado for a nutritious snack.

If you prefer bread, go for wholemeal or multigrain varieties, as they offer more nutrients than white bread.

Can Ryvita Cause Bloating?

Consumed sensibly, Ryvita should not cause any bloating or discomfort.

However, if you suffer from IBS, then it may be more beneficial to switch to refined cereals during a ‘flare-up’ to ease the symptoms of a bloated stomach.

Conclusion – Is Ryvita good for you?

As part of a healthy balanced diet, Ryvita makes a tasty and healthy snack or light lunch. The biscuits are low in calories, high in fibre (most of them) and they are suitable for vegetarians too.

Ryvita can, of course, be made unhealthy if loaded with toppings such as full-fat cream cheese or chocolate spread, but if you choose wisely and add fruit or hummus as a topping it can be both healthy and most importantly, delicious.

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