13 Health Benefits of Green Tea for Men

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Written by Muhammad Adenowo

Every man who’s concerned about staying healthy and living long should make green tea an essential part of his daily routine. He should drink around 3 to 5 cups each day.

Numerous studies have shown that green tea contains certain nutrients which hold massive health benefits for men. Even more recently in the Western world, it has been widely regarded as one of the healthiest drinks on earth.

However, most men would naturally just grab a cup of coffee for an early-morning refreshment in place of green tea, because they’re unaware of the harmful effects1 that the caffeine in coffee has on their health.

In the case of green tea, it’s a healthy and refreshing drink with a high concentration of catechins; highly-potent antioxidants which help neutralize the effect of free radicals2 within the body.

Even more, studies relate that the catechins are over a 100-times more effective and 25 times more powerful3 than vitamins C and E respectively, despite being essential nutrients that naturally help neutralize free-radicals within the body.

As a result, many global healthcare companies now add green tea extract to their products, especially the ones they’ve specially formulated for men.

Men who drink at least 3 cups of the tea daily are less likely to develop prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and even low sperm count which is mostly caused by the actions of free radicals in the body.

Green tea holds numerous health benefits for men.  Some notable ones include:

1. Boosts the Clarity and Function of the Brain

Green tea contains a certain type of amino acid, L-theanine, which crosses the blood-brain barrier, thereby helping men who drink it to increase focus, boost clarity and maximise the optimum concentration facility of their brain.

A 2017 study4 that examined the effects of green tea extracts (L-theanine and epigallocatechin gallates) on human neuropsychology and brain function concluded that the tea also helps reduce anxiety.

The tea is also rich in polyphenols which are capable of reducing inflammation in the brain cells, thus helping to fight brain cancer tumours.

Although green tea contains caffeine, it’s in a very mild concentration compared to that in coffee. The combination of the amino acid L-theanine with the small amount of caffeine provides men who drink the tea with a much more stable level of energy. It helps them stay more awake and productive throughout the day, without any ill effect on their health.

2. Reduces Cholesterol Levels in the Body

Green tea may help burn body fat and that’s the reason why most workout supplement formulators add green tea extracts to their products, especially for men.

There have been studies5 that have shown the positive effects of green tea extract on fat metabolism, both at rest and during exercise, when the extract was consumed both short and long term. Not all studies have observed the same effects, but this may be simply due to the way they were conducted. Overall, the literature is inconclusive and more studies are needed to confirm this positive effect of green tea.

In the body, LDL cholesterol (also called ‘bad cholesterol’) is the harmful type. When there is an excess of it in the body, it blocks the blood vessels. Drinking green tea daily helps lower its harmful effect6, reducing the concentration and easing the flow of blood.

Ultimately, green tea results in a significant reduction of total cholesterol within the body.

3. May Prevent Heart Disease

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are the number one killers of men in the world.

Most men love red meat.  Although it’s a great source of protein in the body, it’s also been suggested that it raises the concentration of LDL cholesterol7.

High LDL concentration has been noted as a risk factor for heart disease, as well as having the ability to cause a heart attack8 when it builds up in the blood vessels, thus blocking the flow of blood to the heart.

Some of the components9 in green tea have been proven to help fight LDL cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of suffering an early heart attack.

4. Increases Sperm Count

The sperm production rate, sperm count and overall fertility of any male is influenced by several factors, including nutrition and lifestyle.

It’s also affected by the actions of free radicals within the body.

Sperm by its nature is very susceptible to free radicals3.  These are highly reactive toxins in the body which cause oxidative damage to body cells and DNA.

Some of these free radicals can be neutralized by the actions of antioxidants present in green tea. As a result, the tea will help improve male fertility.

Men who drink green tea should naturally experience a higher sperm count10 than those who avoid tea or drink it less frequently.

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5. Improves Prostate Health and Prevents Prostate Cancer

According to a study11 by Gupta et al., certain components of green tea have the ability to help slow down the growth of human prostate cancer cells.

Typically, the growth of prostate cancer cells is usually promoted by the actions of damaged DNA in the male reproductive system. Since green tea extracts effectively repair such damaged DNA12, they’re very beneficial in helping prevent the creation of prostate cancer cells.

Enzyme COX-2 (which helps regulate some hormonal compounds involved in male reproduction), typically accumulates within prostate cancer tissues when they emerge. This enzyme serves as a major contributor towards the build-up of prostate cancer.

However, due to the actions of the polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) present in green tea, the activities of enzyme COX-2 are readily inhibited13 in men, thereby reducing the possibility of prostate cancer cell growth.

Similarly, the antioxidant catechins present in green tea are essentially beneficial for reducing the level of PSA14– prostate-specific antigens; a major indicator of the emergence of prostate cancer in men.

6. Prevents Erectile Dysfunction

In a 2006 Boston University study15 concerning the role of antioxidant-rich foods and drinks in curing erectile dysfunction (ED), it was concluded that such foods and drinks help reduce the occurrence of the condition when consumed long-term.

This is because the highly-reactive antioxidants need to build up within the body over a long period of time in order to effectively tackle this condition.

That’s great news for men who have been passionate green tea drinkers for a long period.  The antioxidants (catechins) in green tea help ensure they never experience this embarrassing condition.

For those who are already battling with ED, green tea can help too. Now is the time for them to start their simple but effective home-made therapy. They should drink at least three to five cups of green tea daily.

7. Triggers the Natural Death of Cancer Cells

Within the human body, all cells naturally undergo a physiological process of apoptosis, that is programmed cell death. This is when every old or damaged cell naturally dies off and gives way to new cells in order to maintain the balance of the immune system.

But this isn’t the case for cancer cells, as they go against this natural physiological process16. Old and damaged cancer cells keep growing and new cells are formed as extra cells when not needed, later forming growths called tumours.

In a study17 by Paschka et al., it was concluded that the green tea extract – Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) – is a very potent compound that effectively inhibits cell growth and easily induces apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells.

This green tea extract EGCG also helps prevent the development of other types of cancer and the birth of their cells.

What’s more, regular intake of green tea at a high concentration (more than 3 cups daily) has been proven to possibly reduce the risk of developing lung cancer18 in early smokers.  It is believed that the tea may be protective against tobacco carcinogens.

8. Prevents Hair Loss and Baldness

Hair growth in men, including hair on the head and beard growth, is more genetic than physical. It’s mostly triggered by the level of testosterone in their bodies.

A common abnormal phenomenon occurs in some men where their testosterone is naturally converted to dihydrotestosterone (Dht) – a hormone renowned for hair loss.

Although a cup of green tea cannot suddenly reverse the emerging baldness pattern completely, the EGCG in the tea has been reported to be useful in preventing androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as baldness in males.

Men who are inclined towards baldness genetically but drink green tea daily have a greater chance of escaping the trait or simply controlling it.

9. Aids Weight Loss

The caffeine present in green tea helps men boost their entire body metabolism and aids fat loss. This makes it easier for them to lose weight.

In a 2010 study19, it was shown that the catechins in green tea significantly help decrease body weight and body mass index (BMI), when 4 cups of the tea are consumed daily for 8 weeks.

To aid the process of weight loss, it’s advisable to add lemon when preparing green tea.  This is because lemon contains polyphenols which help suppress body fat accumulation20.

10. Improves Dental Health

Besides the ability to neutralize free radicals, studies have shown that the catechins in green tea also exhibit antimicrobial properties21, including the killing of bacteria whilst inhibiting the activities of viruses.

Catechins have been proven to inhibit the activities of Streptococcus mutans, a bacterium that primarily causes plaque formation, cavities and tooth decay.

It, therefore, follows that men who drink green tea daily can improve their dental health significantly.

11. Helps in the Repair of Damaged DNA

Typically, the presence of damaged DNA within the body aids the growth of cancer cells.

Antioxidants in green tea actively work to repair this damaged DNA, thereby reducing the rate of cancer growth.

12. Helps Slow Down the Signs of Ageing

Ageing in men is usually accompanied by visible signs such as balding and wrinkling of the skin. Most men are constantly seeking ways to tackle the process.

Green tea extracts, in combination with vitamins B and C, can help slow down collagen crosslinking22; a major occurrence which aids the ageing process.

13. Ensures Better Results at the Gym

Green tea contains antioxidants which help neutralize free radicals that are usually produced during intense exercises. These antioxidants protect athletes against free radical damage23 when they work out.

High amounts of such antioxidants also help regulate necessary cellular changes that occur during exercise.

Even for men who aren’t professional athletes, simply drinking at least three cups of tea daily helps them improve their overall performance.


Green tea is a perfect drink for refreshment with no adverse effects on men’s health.

It does not contain harmful concentrations of caffeine nor any intoxicant. It helps prevent many diseases that are usually found in men, purely by the action of its potent antioxidants.

So, next time you want to grab an early-morning drink, you’re seeking a quick refreshment or just spending time-out with your friends, consider a warm cup of green tea instead.

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Author: Muhammad Adenowo, Freelance Health and Fitness Copywriter. LinkedIn


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