Top 10 natural supplements to boost your immune system

best immune system boosting supplements

Our immune system is what stands between us and all the harmful microorganisms we get exposed to on a daily basis. It helps to keep us healthy so we can fight off bacterial and viral infections, but also any diseases, including cancer. Therefore, it’s important that we take good care of it. We can keep […]

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Is cod liver oil really good for your health?

cod liver oil supplement

Cod liver oil has been used as a remedy for centuries – people used it for treating and preventing rickets in children but also for treating the chronic pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Today, cod liver oil is still popular but what does it do for our health actually? Is it worth taking? Is it really […]

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Is coffee healthy?


Many of us love nothing better than to start the day with a big mug of strong coffee. But while the extra boost and shot of caffeine may be a great way to get a little bit of additional energy ready to face those early morning weekday starts, is your favourite cup of joy actually […]

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My vitamin D test results revealed

blood spot test for vitamin D (nhs)

In case you missed my recent post about the importance of vitamin D testing – I had myself tested for vitamin D deficiency as I had slight concerns that I wasn’t getting enough. I ordered the test through BetterYou, which was quickly sent to me and then I sent the collection device with my blood sample to […]

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