Distilled Water: Some Basic Facts You Should Know

distilled water

by Duncan Kingori Recently, I passed by a group of people, having a heated argument. On getting closer, I learnt the bone of contention was ‘distilled water’. A party subscribed to the idea that distilled water benefits the health and even brings along with it some healing properties while the other party believed it was one […]

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Sleep Anxiety: How to Overcome the Fear of Sleep

sleep anxiety

by George Gitogo For most people, nothing is as gratifying as getting in between the sheets and getting some quality shut-eye. But for others, the idea of falling asleep is terrifying. An example of sleep anxiety, also known as sleep dread or fear of sleep (somniphobia), is when one fears to fall asleep due to […]

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7 Oral Care Tips to Keep Your Gums and Teeth Healthy


by Anne Johnson Achieving a bright smile and healthy teeth take a lifetime of good oral health habits. A healthy mouth is essential not only for your aesthetics and self-confidence but also for avoiding dental health-related problems. Medical specialists claim that there is a strong link between overall health and oral health. Oral health conditions […]

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The best decaf teas found throughout the world

best decaf teas

Whether you are intolerant to caffeine, pregnant or just believe that decaf tea is better for you, finding the best decaf tea is certainly not easy. That’s because many brands are not open about the decaffeination method used and you may unknowingly buy something which is not so good for you after all. For this reason, we decided to put together this post, sharing with you details of some of the best decaf tea brands you can find.

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Importance of good posture for a healthy body


by Adeel Akhter We all have suffered some sort of pain multiple times in our lives. Sometimes it’s just a crick in the neck, sometimes it’s lower or upper back pain or headaches. According to statistics, more Americans suffer from pain than suffer from diabetes, coronary heart disease, or cancer. Pain is the most frequent reason […]

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Green Tea Brands

Best green tea brands - The ultimate guide

A while back, I published a guide on my blog explaining what to look for when buying green tea. It’s really important you choose only the best quality green tea to reap all the health benefits and to avoid harmful toxins that lower-quality green teas may contain. When it comes to green tea brands, there […]

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How to stop snacking

man snacking on doughnut

by Sofia Alves We’ve all been there – 2 a.m. and you catch yourself roaming around the fridge, licking leftover crumbs from the cookie jar, addictively searching for more. “This is the last one”, you say hopelessly, “I promise”. When does all of the snacking end? How do you even stop it? There are various […]

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