Top Tips to Reduce Your Belly Fat

measuring belly fat

by Allen Brown Getting rid of those belly fats could be one of the hardest parts of one’s weight loss journey. Nevertheless, you should still do everything you can to reduce your belly fat as it can have a negative impact on your health. Having excess belly fats can be dangerous to your health as it […]

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5 Reasons Why You Still Can’t Sleep

why you cannot sleep

by Charles Wood If you’ve ever found yourself tossing and turning in the early hours of the morning for no apparent reason, then you’ll completely understand the frustration this brings, especially if it happens regularly. You’re also not alone — in fact, one-third of Britons now sleep for just five to six hours per night, […]

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What being healthy means to me

The more I talk to people about health and what they do to stay healthy, the more I realise how everybody is different. How everybody has a different belief of what being healthy means. When some people talk about being healthy, they mostly talk about the food they eat. The foods they think are healthy. […]

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Better than Brita: Zero Water Filter Jug – Review

Zerowater filter jug 12 cup

If you really care about your health you should spend some time investigating the quality of water your currently drink. It was only years back when I discovered that I was drinking fluoride from my tap water which really annoyed me as it’s something I would not voluntarily agree to. Now, I live in another […]

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Health Benefits of Cold Showers


A contributed post For most of us, a shower is just part of our daily routine. We jump in the shower to make sure that: we’re clean, we smell good and we look presentable enough to go about our everyday lives in public. Did you know, however, that there are a host of health benefits […]

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The best way to lose weight after pregnancy

mother and baby

Being able to get pregnant and produce a baby is what many women around the world dream of, and when the baby finally arrives, they’re thrilled to be starting a new chapter in their life with their own little creation. Pregnancy can be a big challenge for many soon-to-be mothers, but another challenge remains, losing […]

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5 ways a good night’s sleep improves productivity


Article provided by Rachael Matthews Britain is caught up in a sleep deprivation epidemic – and it could be damaging our productivity. According to a 2018 book called The Business of Sleep, “Never before have significant percentages of working adults been so sleep deprived.” Up to 16% of UK adults get fewer than six hours […]

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