Have you heard? Posture affects your overall well-being

bad posture

Did you know posture goes beyond the obvious? It’s easy to make the link between being hunched over a computer all day and strained shoulders, but not so easy to make the link between posture and other aspects of well-being, such as mental health. With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles in the Western hemisphere, there has […]

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When did you last look at what was IN your drinking water?

tap water

by William Fryer MA Oxon Human Scientist & director of www.megahome-distillers.co.uk More and more people are taking the quality of their drinking water seriously. While it is important to maintain good hydration at all times and although some health gurus suggest you should consume 2+litres per day, in reality, your body’s requirements will alter with size, […]

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Decisions you can make to help you lose weight

monitoring weight

People who wish to peel off the pounds spend their days searching about weight loss products and asking others on the internet about their weight loss hacks and workout advice. Unfortunately, despite following all the research and advice, many people struggle to lose weight. The reason is that they are guided in the wrong direction. […]

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