5 Health Benefits Of Doing Intermittent Fasting


More and more people are following different health tips in an attempt to lose weight and maintain their health. Many health fads have been introduced by the media to make it easy for the Average Joe to attain his fitness goals. However, with numerous options available today, do you know which one to use? Are […]

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How to Know When It’s Time to See a Cardiologist

According to the British Heart Foundation statistics, 460 people die every day in the UK due to a heart or circulatory disease. With cardiovascular diseases being the first cause of death worldwide (17.9 million deaths per year), there is every likelihood that you may have thought about the risks of developing heart disease. Enjoying a […]

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Is decaf tea a diuretic?

drinking decaf tea

The UK is well-known as a nation of tea-lovers. There are so many types of tea to choose from traditional English breakfast tea, flavoured tea, green tea and black tea being the most often consumed. One type of tea that has grown in popularity is decaffeinated tea, and we wanted to discover more about decaf […]

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Reducing Your Risk of Chronic Disease as You Age

older woman

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of ill health in developed countries and a major public health issue. They affect almost 30% of the US population and are the cause of 76% of all healthcare costs incurred by elderly adults and their families. Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classifies obesity as an […]

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Hydration – How Much Is Enough?


Perhaps your mum reminded you to make sure and drink enough water every day, telling you to get eight glasses a day. And you believed her… But is that amount right? It turns out that the answer is a bit more complicated than it may seem. Let’s begin with what you need to know about […]

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Why we need antioxidants and how to consume more every day


To live a long and healthy life we should all maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes getting enough sleep, reducing stress levels and eating healthily. But there is so much more you can do to improve your health and recently a new book came out with the top tips from a doctor and medical journalist, Dr Trisha Macnair, called Live Well: 100 Simple Ways to Live a Better and Longer Life. In this book, you will find tips that will help you add years to your life and improve its quality along the way. In this post I wanted to share with you an extract from Live Well, explaining the importance of antioxidants and what you can do to consume more of them every day.

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