How to make seed milk at home

sunflower seeds

If you have nut allergies and cannot drink nut milks that are loved by vegans and dairy-free folks, then you could try drinking seed milk instead. The only problem is that this type of vegan ‘milk’ is not commonly found in the shops and online so your best bet is to make it home. Luckily, […]

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Top Tips To Prepare For Hay Fever Season


Suffering from seasonal hay fever is never fun. Sometimes, it even feels like no matter what you do or what preventative steps you take. You still experience those uncomfortable symptoms when the season comes around. If this sounds like you, know that you’re not alone. But we’re here to help! To help you get through […]

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8 Best Teas For Losing Weight

Tea is known to have all sorts of benefits. Not only is a crisis usually solved over a cup of strong, sweetened tea, but you can chat about life over a good cuppa and a biscuit. There are a bunch of health benefits too. Tea is thought to help the discomfort of irritable bowel syndrome […]

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Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?


After several attempts of doing everything you can, it’s simply hard to lose that extra weight that you’ve always wanted to get rid of. You’ve been seeing a lot of commercials on TV or on your social media accounts about how they were able to lose an exaggerating amount of weight in just two to […]

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9 Ways to Boost Your Wellbeing This Winter


Staying fit, healthy, and happy over the dark winter months can be challenging. Many people will find this year even harder than usual, especially if they cannot see their friends and family as much as usual and face periods of isolation. In the winter, when it’s cold, it’s so easy to fall into bad habits. […]

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How CBD Can Help Restore Your Sleep Pattern


Sleep is the foundation for everything. When you’re well-rested, your body functions normally, your relationships improve, and you excel at work. If you get this right, then everything else will fall into place. People who sleep well are more likely to eat better, exercise more, and live longer. So what can you do if you’re […]

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