9 Ways You Can Be Healthier in 2018

ways you can be healthier

So you want to be healthier in 2018? Maybe you’ve already set some New Year’s Resolutions and you are not doing too bad. You started exercising more and eating less of a bad stuff. But there is more you can do. Ever thought of environmental toxins and how to avoid them? What about if you […]

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New and Exciting Ways to Keep Tabs on Your Health

smart watch

* A guest post Let’s be honest, healthy things are not always terribly exciting things – and a lack of motivation to keep up with an activity or good behaviour is probably the number one reason most people fail to make permanent changes. That said, your health remains a crucial factor in so many things, […]

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5 Simple Tips to Keep your Healthy Eating on Track

healthy salad

* This is a guest post In the fitness world, new, and sometimes conflicting and complicated, nutritional trends appear on a daily basis. It’s hard keeping up with all things you should, and shouldn’t be doing to maintain a healthy diet. Registered Nutritional Therapist, Jackie Lynch, has stripped back the ‘fluff’ and jargon by providing […]

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