SkinNinja – An app to help you avoid harmful ingredients in your beauty products

SkinNinja App

SkinNinja is one of the latest UK’s apps to help you discover what type of ingredients lurk in your skincare products and cosmetics. It’s particularly useful for those who are worried about Contact Allergens and Carcinogens. The app has been created by Jo Osborne, following her battle with skin cancer and you can download it for […]

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Review: Odylique Organic Concealer

organic concealer from odylique by essential care

Odylique concealer is my first natural concealer and now that I’ve been using it for a few months I don’t know how I survived without it. My combination skin is prone to breakouts and every month I tend to get hormonal spots so I do need a good makeup to disguise these. Before I bought […]

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5 Ingredients to Look For in a Natural Product

natural ingredients in beauty products

When you see a product labelled as “natural”, it’s easy to assume that this product is healthier than alternatives not indicated as such. However, just like some synthetic ingredients are better than others, there are certain natural ingredients which have more benefits and are better for you than others. So if you spot a product […]

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