Urtekram Organic Chamomile Shampoo Review

urtekram shampoo chamomile

Urtekram Organic Chamomile Shampoo is my latest natural shampoo discovery which I love. It’s made with 100% naturally derived ingredients and it’s certified by Ecocert and also vegan and cruelty-free. 14% of the ingredients found in this shampoo are organic. I’ve tried several different shampoos from Urtekram before and this one is definitely one of […]

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Organic hand creams from Alteya Organics – Review

organic hand creams from alteya organics

Lately, I’ve been testing organic hand creams from Alteya Organics, a Bulgarian organic skincare company which produces rose organic skin and body care products based on old proven formulations. Alteya Organics was born in 1999 and have an extensive knowledge and experience in growing organic roses and lavender. Their rose oil extracts and flower waters are created using […]

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Why you should switch to natural soap bars

purechimp super soap (vegan)

Some people have doubts about using soap bars, even the most natural ones. Which is understanding as there is a misconception that soap bars dry out the skin, leaving it tight and uncomfortable. While this is true for many scented commercial soap bars, this is not really true for natural soap bars. In fact, natural […]

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Esse Probiotic Skincare: Protect Oil Review

esse probiotic skincare protect oil

I’ve already mentioned the new Protect Oil from Esse Probiotic Skincare* in one of my latest posts but I thought it deserved a post on its own as it’s a rather special facial oil. I took this oil with me on holiday to Crete and tested it properly for more than a few weeks to […]

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Paste, Powder or Substitute: Fluoride Free Toothpaste

fluoride free toothpaste options

As you might know, many people commonly use fluoride-based toothpaste to brush their teeth. Fluoride is a natural chemical found in a small amount of water, air, and some types of vegetation. This is harmful to humans when ingested in a large quantity but the topical treatment is beneficial for the teeth. It’s a tricky […]

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