Paste, Powder or Substitute: Fluoride Free Toothpaste

fluoride free toothpaste options

As you might know, many people commonly use fluoride-based toothpaste to brush their teeth. Fluoride is a natural chemical found in a small amount of water, air, and some types of vegetation. This is harmful to humans when ingested in a large quantity but the topical treatment is beneficial for the teeth. It’s a tricky […]

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Organic sunscreens from Green People – Review

organic sunscreens from green people

I remember very well years ago when I was switching to green beauty products, I bought my first natural sunscreens – organic sunscreens from Green People. That time Green People’s sunscreens were slightly different – the maximum SPF they offered was 25 and I think their formulas were slightly different too. Along with their SPF25 […]

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Natural Techniques to Turn Back the Clock on Ageing

local food - vegetables

* contributed post They say you can’t go back again to the babyface of your youth—but that’s not true when it comes to ageing. There are many natural ways to not only prevent the signs of ageing, but actually reverse the damage your body has already sustained. From free home remedies to some very simple […]

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Madara SPF 30 Age-Defying Sunscreen – Review

madara natural sunscreen spf30

When I came across an SPF 30 natural sunscreen from Madara, I knew I had to try it. Over the years I’ve tried so many natural sunscreens and when I come across something new I get all excited. Would this new natural sunscreen be better than any others that I’ve tried? How does it compare […]

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