How to sleep better at night naturally

sleep environment

If you want to stay healthy you really need to look at your sleeping habits and see whether there is anything you can do to sleep better at night. Did you know that not getting enough sleep may result in a type of brain abnormality associated with Alzheimer’s disease? This is just one of the […]

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Your teeth and your health: Fact and fiction

tooth brushing

Oral hygiene forms an integral part of our daily routine which is a good news as this shows that levels of dental health awareness among UK adults are high. We brush and floss our teeth on a regular basis to preserve the body’s natural defences in the mouth and to avoid local bacterial infections, tooth decay, gum […]

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9 Healthy Habits for Better Hearing

hearing tips

By Helen Bond, State-Registered Dietitian It’s well known that our diet and lifestyle habits have a big impact on our general health, but many people forget that these factors are also crucial to maintaining healthy hearing. Our hearing can deteriorate very gradually, especially as you grow older, so small things can make a big difference […]

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