What is aloe vera juice good for?

aloe vera plant

Aloe vera is a multi-purpose natural remedy which has a long history of popular and traditional use. Today it has a widespread use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. You will find it in beauty products like skin moisturisers, soaps, shampoos, sun lotions and others. But aloe vera is not only applied topically in a […]

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3 Reasons Why Sleep Affects Weight Loss


* Contributed post Getting a decent night’s sleep is important in so many aspects of our lives. It affects our mood, our relationships, our productivity…and it even affects our weight. It may sound counter-intuitive but lying around and getting a snooze on can actually help you to lose weight. Conversely, getting less horizontal hours and […]

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Why a private health check is a good idea

health check

Have you ever thought of doing a private health check or health assessment? It’s not a bad idea actually, especially if you are over 30 years old. As we get older we are more likely to suffer from various health issues and conditions. Some of these conditions come with no symptoms, for example, high blood pressure, high cholesterol […]

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