Benefits of Olive Leaf Tea

organic olive leaf tea flavours from Mirabilia

Have you ever tried olive leaf tea? It sounds quite unusual, doesn’t it? I actually had a chance to try it out and I totally love it. It has a pleasant taste, does not taste bitter and it’s a great green tea alternative as it doesn’t contain caffeine but it’s still high in antioxidants and has […]

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How to ease PMS symptoms with the right nutrition

brown rice

It’s that time of the month. You have mood swings and your belly looks like you are 6 months pregnant. PMS or so-called premenstrual syndrome (also known as PMT) is the cause of various discomforts amongst most of the women, child bearing age. PMS symptoms vary in intensity and women report experiencing slightly different symptoms, no […]

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My latest health and beauty buys

my latest health and beauty buys

Somehow I ended up buying 3 shampoos in the past few weeks! I also bought some new health products which I haven’t tried before such as Ultimate Oil Blend from Udo’s Choice and Royal Green Turmeric Complex. Here is more about health and beauty products which I bought recently: Avalon Organics shampoos I’ve never tried anything […]

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