4 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Zika Virus

pregnant woman

By now you’ve heard about Zika, the mosquito-borne virus that has swept across Central and South America and the Caribbean in recent months. In February, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika outbreak to be an international public health emergency. While the symptoms of Zika, which include fever, rash and joint pain, are usually […]

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Toxins in your tea: What you need to know

cup of tea

Black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea. Do you drink tea every day like I do? I drink green tea but also herbal teas and fruit infusions. As consumers, we don’t really think much about the tea we drink and where our tea comes from but we really should, especially if we […]

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Botanicals: Green Clay & Avocado Balancing Mask

botanicals organic balancing mask

Botanicals are a well-loved organic skincare brand, not only amongst natural beauty fans but amongst green beauty bloggers too. Recently I’ve been trying their Green Clay & Avocado Balancing mask* which has been sent to me for review (£18.95 – 60g). This mask is 100% natural and certified organic by Soil Association. It’s ideal for all skin types but […]

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Know the symptoms

ovarian cancer symptoms

March 2016 is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and now it’s the perfect time to #StartMakingNoise and shout about the symptoms. England has the lowest survival rate for ovarian cancer in Europe so we really have to try and change this by spreading the awareness. Early diagnosis saves lives. Did you know that only three per cent […]

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The best music for stress relief

music for stress relief

Don’t we all sometimes feel a little bit stressed? Long to-do lists, deadlines around the corner, not enough time to do everything… Life can be overwhelming sometimes indeed. While a bit of stress is not a bad thing, it can become problematic when it’s turning into something more permanent. In fact, stress can be really bad […]

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