The Benefits Of Full Body Workouts

full body workout

*Contributed post Going to the gym is one way of being more active and improving your general fitness. Some people prefer this than exercising at home as it motivates them more. Many people who visit the gym often decide to focus on different parts of their body depending on the day. This is called split-style […]

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How to make a healthy matcha latte

healthy matcha latte made at home

In the recent years, matcha green tea has become extremely popular and nowadays it’s likely you will find it in bigger coffee shops in your local area such as Starbucks. Matcha green tea is known to have many health benefits due to its high antioxidant content and it’s especially popular among health-conscious consumers. This year I […]

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Exercise: Beyond weight loss


Contributed post Exercise has been shown, over the years, to provide a variety of benefits that don’t just include weight loss. From simple activities such as dancing and walking to the more strenuous like running and swimming, regardless of your current ability, we recommend you find the time to begin getting active and enjoy all […]

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Ways to lead a healthy lifestyle


* Contributed post To lead a healthy and happy life, it is crucial to ensure that you are eating right and making the right choices. If you work in an office job, where you are seated for most of the day, this is even more important. However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to treat […]

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Organic sunscreens from Green People – Review

organic sunscreens from green people

I remember very well years ago when I was switching to green beauty products, I bought my first natural sunscreens – organic sunscreens from Green People. That time Green People’s sunscreens were slightly different – the maximum SPF they offered was 25 and I think their formulas were slightly different too. Along with their SPF25 […]

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Is wine healthy?


Contributed post Does drinking wine actually give you any health benefits?  This question has been around for a very long time.  In the 1980s, the ‘French paradox’ was born.  This was because of their lifestyle involving a lot of fatty foods but because they were drinking wine, it appeared they were staying healthy. After a […]

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