The Protein Works vs Myprotein: Top sport nutrition brands reviewed

Sports nutrition plays a crucial role in optimising the benefits of physical activity. It’s a philosophy used by sports professionals or anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental health. Two of the most popular brands in sports nutrition are The Protein Works and Myprotein—but which is the best choice?  We’ve researched both brands […]

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5 Ways a Mattress Can Impact Your Health


Regular, good quality sleep is essential but, sadly, millions of people struggle to sleep soundly. Around a third of the adult population in the UK report having insomnia, but it’s likely that the true number of people experiencing some form of sleep-related problems is much higher. Whether you regularly struggle to get to sleep or […]

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6 Foods That Can Help Improve Your Gut Health


Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced gut is crucial to your overall health since any abnormalities in your gut will greatly impact other functions and processes in your body. Bacteria imbalance in your gut occurs when there are more harmful bacteria than good ones in your gut, increasing your risks of developing conditions that are directly […]

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Best fold flat treadmills for home and office use

best fold flat treadmills

A fold-flat treadmill for home use is a fantastic, space-saving solution for improving your fitness and creating healthy habits. However, with practicality and lightweight materials comes the risk of compromising stability, the most important feature that a durable, worth-a-try treadmill needs to possess. For this reason, we’ve scrutinized dozens of products to come up with […]

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Are Pot Noodles good or bad for you?

pot noodles

Pot noodles were developed in 1958 by Momofuku Ando. They consist of dehydrated noodles with dried vegetables and flavourings and are usually advertised as a quick and easy-to-prepare snack. But are pot noodles considered a healthy meal? We’ve investigated the different types of instant noodle to discover if they are good or bad for you. […]

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Best Elliptical Machines under £500 – User’s Guide and Reviews

best ellipticals under £500

A sturdy elliptical machine is a must in every basic home gym, mainly if your fitness goals include weight loss and cardio exercising. While they usually excel at performance and quality, professional ellipticals can be very expensive and thus limit your gym budget severely. Focusing on the essential features, best-rated brands, and long-term customer satisfaction, we’ve […]

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Best spin bikes under £500

best spin bikes under £500

For a comprehensive home-based workout, a good quality spin bike is a must to achieve desirable results. Compared to recumbent bikes, spin bikes bring more versatility, mimic outdoor cycling more realistically, and do wonders for weight loss, muscle toning, and improving stamina. A first-rate spin bike can be quite an investment, but you don’t need […]

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Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?


After several attempts of doing everything you can, it’s simply hard to lose that extra weight that you’ve always wanted to get rid of. You’ve been seeing a lot of commercials on TV or on your social media accounts about how they were able to lose an exaggerating amount of weight in just two to […]

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