Why calcium supplements don’t work

Calcium supplement

If you take calcium supplement you may want to consider stop taking it as a new study just found that increasing calcium intake is unlikely to boost bone health or prevent fractures. Even if you try to increase your calcium intake through your diet this may not make a difference as concluded by the two […]

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Viridian Clear Skin Omega Oil review

Viridian Clear Skin Omega oil

Viridian Nutrition are the leading brand of ethical vitamins and now offer over 180+ award-winning products which include vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutritional oils, speciality supplements, tinctures and balms, all formulated to be as pure and simple as possible, avoiding all the nasties. Their products contain organic ingredients with no nasty additives and what’s more,  they use […]

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My vitamin D test results revealed

blood spot test for vitamin D (nhs)

In case you missed my recent post about the importance of vitamin D testing – I had myself tested for vitamin D deficiency as I had slight concerns that I wasn’t getting enough. I ordered the test through BetterYou, which was quickly sent to me and then I sent the collection device with my blood sample to […]

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