Is coffee healthy?


This is a guest post Many of us love nothing better than to start the day with a big mug of strong coffee. But while the extra boost and shot of caffeine may be a great way to get a little bit of additional energy ready to face those early morning weekday starts, is your […]

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Top 5 nutritious foods to help you stay healthy

nutritious foods for health

Want to know which foods will keep you healthy? Then read on to find our pick of 5 healthy foods. Kale Kale has long been mooted as a super food. Rich in calcium, it helps to build healthy bones and ward off osteoporosis. High in fibre, it will keep your cholesterol down and ‘ahem’ – […]

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Staying healthy by eating enough protein

vegetarian protein

Not all the people are aware of this but protein is an incredibly important part of our diet. Every cell in the human body contains protein and you need protein to help your body repair cells and make new ones. For this reason, it’s really important to eat a healthy and balanced diet which contains enough protein. According […]

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Supplements: What I bought recently

natural supplements

Recently I stocked up on certain supplements which I regularly take as I found some good offers around. Here’s what I bought: Viridian Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil So far I have tried several omega oils but haven’t found anything as good as Viridian’s Organic Clear Skin oil which I previously reviewed here. This omega […]

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How to ease PMS symptoms with the right nutrition

brown rice

It’s that time of the month. You have mood swings and your belly looks like you are 6 months pregnant. PMS or so-called premenstrual syndrome (also known as PMT) is the cause of various discomforts amongst most of the women, child bearing age. PMS symptoms vary in intensity and women report experiencing slightly different symptoms, no […]

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In the spotlight: Selva Organic Premium Superfoods brand

south american superfoods from Selva Organic

Selva Organic is a new UK based brand which was launched at the beginning of this year. Their focus is on responsibly sourced superfoods rich in antioxidants, proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins and other essential nutrients. They currently offer 14 products which you can buy directly from their website or from Amazon (when in stock). Why are Selva Organic […]

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