Juicing for weight loss and health

carrot juice

I’ve just watched an amazing documentary on Netflix called ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’. If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly recommend it. It’s about an Australian businessman called Joe Cross who goes on a 60-day long juice fast in order to lose weight and heal his autoimmune disease. His final goal is to regain his […]

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Mind-body Connection: 5 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Take Action and Get Healthier

happier thoughts

I strongly believe in a holistic approach to health. It’s not only about healthy eating, exercise and nutrition. It’s also about natural living, avoiding everyday toxins, choosing organic where possible, avoiding pollution where possible. It’s about stress management and healthy mind as well. Have you heard of placebo effect? This powerful phenomenon happens when patients think […]

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Knockout your fitness boredom with these top boxing tips

woman boxing

Staying fit and healthy can be a daily challenge, made more difficult when we get a little bored of our routines. Do you feel you’re struggling to stay motivated with the same old exercises and want to shift your focus? Why not try boxing? Results from a recent SportEngland survey show that participation in boxing […]

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Organic September: What’s in my kitchen cupboard

organic foods from unicorn

Organic September is in full swing so I thought I would share some of the organic staples I normally keep in my kitchen cupboards. Organic September is a campaign run by the Soil Association which aims to encourage consumers to choose organic products as part of their regular shopping mix. This year the Soil Association is encouraging everybody […]

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Why you need a good quality sleep to stay healthy

cat sleeping

While sticking to a sensible, balanced diet and a regular exercise regime is a must in order to look after yourself, did you know getting enough quality sleep is just as important? Skimping on slumber is a big no-no, so if you’re guilty of making this mistake, keep reading. In this blog, we take a […]

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Odylique Superfruit Concentrate Review

A full size bottle of Odylique Superfruit Concentrate

It’s only recently that I tried my first product from organic skincare brand Odylique by Essential Care. That was their natural sunscreen which I reviewed in this post. After trying their sunscreen I decided to have a browse on their website to see what other products they have in their range. Superfruit Concentrate grabbed my […]

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