Walking in Peak District: Thorpe to Dovedale

Reynard’s Cave and a natural arch

When the weather is nice there is nothing more than I like doing than spending time outdoors – walking in nature and cycling are two of my favourite outdoor activities. I love walking in Peak District and at the weekend me and my fiancé made use of a good weather and visited Dovedale, a valley in southern Peak District, close to Ashbourne […]

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How to start growing your own vegetables

nice tomatoes from the garden

Growing my own vegetables and fruits is a dream I want to make come true one day. For real. And I believe I am not alone. Don’t you think it would be amazing to pick fresh vegetables from your own garden when you need some ingredients for a soup? What about having an apple tree […]

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Yellow tea: Things you didn’t know

organic yellow tea golden dragon

Have you heard of yellow tea before? Sounds strange right? I’ve only learnt about this tea recently, and that’s only because my sister had it in her cupboard as somebody gave it to her for Christmas. She hasn’t even tried it yet so I decided to give it a go. What is yellow tea? I […]

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